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Jabra’s Panacast 50: The Ultimate Intelligent Video Bar, Certified for and Preloaded with Microsoft Teams

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Jabra, a market leader in AV communication technology, has released the Panacast 50 intelligent video bar, which comes fully ready to use with Microsoft Teams Rooms and is certified for the platform. The Panacast 50 is great for any business that wants to improve its video conferencing by giving hybrid and remote teams a more immersive and interesting experience.

As a result of the Panacast 50’s 180-degree field of view, the entire conference room and its occupants can be seen in sharp detail. The camera’s cutting-edge AI features also enable it to instantly reframe the shot and zoom in or out to ensure that everyone in the room is in the center of the frame. The need for fiddly, distracting manual adjustments is eliminated.

The audio performance of the Panacast 50 is also top-notch, just like the video quality. Every person in the room will be heard clearly thanks to the 15-microphone array that is built in. Intelligent noise-cancellation technology is built into the Panacast 50 as well, so there will be no distracting ambient noise during business meetings.

Setting up and using the Panacast 50 couldn’t be simpler. Including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, it is USB-compatible with all other major video conferencing platforms. The video bar can be easily installed in any conference room thanks to its multiple mounting options. These include a table stand and a wall mount.

The Jabra Panacast 50 is available now from Jabra and authorized resellers.

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