KakaoTalk launches Open Chat in PH

There is no stopping KakaoTalk, Korea’s biggest Internet Messaging (IM) app, to explore new opportunities just to give what its customer are asking.

Customers asked if they can chat to another KakaoTalk user by not disclosing personal phone number, or personal details like Facebook, or Twitter.

Users want to be anonymous.

A chat room can be the best venue for users who do not like to be identified but like to be in touch. (Reminds me of the MIRC time.)

KakaoTalk launches Open Chat

Open Chat makes it easy to begin conversations with people who are not on each other’s KakaoTalk friends lists. It also alleviates users’ concerns about exposing their personal details on messenger services,” explained Paolo Pineda, CEO of Kakao Philippines Corp. “The real value of this feature is that it provides our users with privacy and control over their friends list, while connecting with other people.”

Paolo Pineda, KakaoTalk Philippines CEO

The new feature is intended for those who are seeking fast and convenient ways of communication. People with the same interests can also converse with each other on Open Chat through links posted on social media and other websites. Students, in particular, can use it for group work in classes, extracurricular activities, study sessions, and more. They can also share an Open Chat link at online marketplaces instead of exposing personal information, such as phone numbers and IDs, when selling or purchasing second-hand items.


KakaoTalk Open Chat to be available on October 11 in the Philippines

Open Chats can be created by pressing on the floating ‘+’ button on the Chats tab and selecting ‘Open Chat.’ The host can then input his or her chat identity and set up a chat room. The host can choose a type of chat (1:1 chat or group chat), select a background photo, and simply press ‘OK.’ The Open Chat link will then be live and ready to go.

Kakao Talk’s Open Chat feature will be available to Filipino users starting October 11th, on both iOS and Android. Users can also enjoy Kakao Talk’s other features like Secret Group Chat and Star Chat. For more information, please visit

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