Lenovo partners with organizations across Asia Pacific to upskill youth with future-ready tech skills

In keeping with the August 12 celebration of International Youth Day 2022, Lenovo is collaborating with adolescent groups across Asia Pacific to give underserved youth access to technology and future-ready tech skills. TNS India Foundation (TNSIF), Code Like A Girl in Australia and New Zealand, Waffle in Japan, and “Solve Education!” in markets throughout ASEAN, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore, are examples of beneficiary partners.

The youth sector comprises one-third of the Philippine population and according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the country has one of the youngest populations in Southeast Asia. Solve Education! is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people worldwide receive a quality education. “While education is fundamentally a human right, many Filipino children are deprived of the opportunity to learn and grow. Lenovo Foundation has partnered with Solve Education! in the hopes of opening up more opportunities for the youth, especially the underprivileged,” said Michael Ngan, President and General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Applications created by Solve Education! combine academic content with gaming. Participants in its exclusive city-building game, Dawn of Civilization, must perform a number of objectives inside each chapter in order to get reward points. These platforms include training in English language, numeracy, and important life skills, all geared at giving pupils the necessary foundational abilities.

“The pandemic has further highlighted the inequalities when it comes to access to education, especially with the transition to virtual learning. Many of the available free courses and applications online are in English, which is why our efforts have a greater focus on English literacy. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Solve Education! and help change the lives of more Filipino youth through technology,” Ngan added.

Through charitable initiatives and collaborations, Lenovo is dedicated to having a positive influence on 15 million lives worldwide. Lenovo’s new TransforME funding initiative is aimed at altering 1 million lives via skilling by 2025. Lenovo is expanding access to and fostering a stronger interest in STEM education among students, especially in marginalized groups, through long-standing relationships with organizations around Asia Pacific.

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