Logitech Philippines appoints Versatech International as its new official distributor for Video Collaboration Solutions

Logitech’s Video Collaboration Solutions is now officially distributed in the Philippines by Versatech International.

In a recent virtual press conference, the two companies launched new pro audio solutions for 2020.

“We’ve tackled small, medium, and large meeting rooms with high-quality room solutions,” said Mr. Philippe Depallens, General Manager of Personal Collaboration at Logitech. “Now, we’re establishing a category of products designed for the personal workspace that provide a complete personal collaboration experience, whether that’s with audio or webcams. As video collaboration continues to grow, our goal is to provide solutions that are simple to use so you can perform your best no matter where you take your meetings and calls.”

The appointment of Versatech International aims to power up the market’s growing demand for professional business conferencing solutions and to streamline its delivery services for personal workspace and industries such as corporate, government, education, entertainment, broadcast, hospitality, and BPO sectors. Though Versatech has widened its brand portfolio with Logitech, it’s been a B2B ICT distributor for over 40 years with its roots from Lamco International so, they’re familiar when it comes to partnering up with prestigious and international brands.

“This partnership with Logitech is a great opportunity to build value for our customers and I am anticipating a positive reception as we introduce their state-of-the-art collaboration systems that will certainly enhance our customers’ productivity”, said Mr. Stephen Yu, Executive Vice President of Versatech International. “Customer success through a partnership is what defines Versatech International. Bringing together the world’s premier brands in unified communication and collaboration creates a multitude of possibilities to deliver more value to our customers. Logitech is at the forefront of solutions that address the need for remote working environments by developing systems that enable businesses to seamlessly connect with their customers through cloud, social, and IoT technologies. Together, we have an opportunity to fundamentally change how people work”.

Upcoming Pro Audio Solutions

To enhance people’s experiences on video conferencing platforms for office or work from home environments, Logitech has designed the ‘Swytch’, a one-cable link that enables your laptop to connect to a room’s AV equipment and run any video meeting or webinar, and the ‘Zone Wired Headset’, a USB headset for busy workspaces with premium audio drivers and advanced noise-canceling mic technology.

Logitech Swytch Price Philippines
Logitech Swytch Price Philippines

With a single USB connection, Logitech Swytch links a laptop to the room’s display, camera, and audio devices. Now, people can use meeting rooms with any video conferencing software, webinar platform, or streaming service.

Logitech Zone Wired Headset
Logitech Zone Wired Headset

Designed for busy open workspaces, Logitech Zone Wired is a USB headset that delivers premium audio and reliable call clarity with advanced noise-canceling mic technology. Additionally, it is lightweight, stylish, and super
comfortable for all-day use.

“Most room solutions are great and have made strides in becoming easier to use, but it’s often difficult to join meetings with any video service you want,” said Mr. Scott Wharton, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Video Collaboration. “For video to become ubiquitous, joining video calls with different platforms needs to become as easy as making a telephone call. With Swytch, we’re taking it a step beyond ‘making every room a meeting room’ and enabling a native experience in conference rooms that anyone can use and enjoy.”

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