MAPFRE Insular Makes Insurance Sexy

Even with super low insurance penetration in the country, having only 1.64%, MAPFRE Insular isn’t stopping, just yet.

In a recent intimate media briefing, executives of MAPFRE Insular told us that a major number of properties either uninsured or underinsured, there is a significant threat of financial loss if, and when, disaster strikes.

Our country, specifically, storms and natural disasters are already part of our daily lives throughout the year, it’s apparent that given this risks people still don’t appreciate the value of insurance.

To address this pressing issue, MAPFRE INSULAR has invested in new technologies to make insurance easier to acquire and to simplify its concepts for the customer.

“We believe that the Filipino-market still has aversions to insurance because there is an Impression that it’s difficult to acquire,” said. Tirso Abad, President and CEO of MAPFRE INSULAR.

QR Codes on Insurance Policies

Each Insurance Policy that MAPFRE Isulare releases have now QR Codes.

This is to ensure that all policies are authentic.

By scanning the QR codes, it will reveal important details about your insurance such as policy number, amount insured and more.

Even official receipts issued by MAPFRE Insular bears QR Codes.

MIVO: Agent’s Office Anywhere

Agents of MAPFRE can work anywhere. They can send a quotation from the coffee shop or from the comfort of their homes. Because they are now equipped with MIVO: MAPFRE INSULAR Virtual Office.

MIVO is the first digital office for non-life insurance providers.

It makes everything accessible and convenient, both for our business partners and our clients,” said Elke Santos, MAPFRE INSULAR’s First Vice President of Sales. “Instead of having physical meetups between agents and clients, MIVO allows us to Instantaneously quote, issue, and collect payments online,” she explained.


Now for insurance claims, a client may already submit digital copies of the required documents to make an insurance claim.

MAPFRE INSULAR also has a 24/7 hotline that policy holders can call. If you get into an accident, just pick-up your phone and to process the FNOL as soon as its the reports are received by an agent.

MAiassist road assistance app

Lastly, policyholders of MAPFRE Insular may take advantage of their mobile app MAiAssist.

The app provides policyholders with a convenient way to access roadside assistance and to track the location of the service in real time similar to Uber and Grab.


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