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Panasonic launched PT-LMZ460 Series projectors in the Philippines


In an intimate media gathering, the Panasonic Philippines team launched its latest projectors under the Visual Solutions Project category.

One of the highlights of the event is the LMZ460 series.

The LMZ460 Series has dimensions similar to a laptop computer and weighs about 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs). It’s small enough to transport anywhere you need to go and simple to mount on the ceiling. Setup is simple: simply place it on a desktop, connect your source, turn it on, and begin presenting.

Genaro Castro, Jr. Country Manager

An instructor can start the lesson or meeting right away, without wasting your group’s time. Unlike lamp-based projectors, which take time to start up, the SOLID SHINE Laser light source in the LMZ460 Series projects your material around one second1 after switching on from standby. It also has a Direct Off capability, allowing you to switch the projector off at any moment using the room breaker.

Mode of Silence decreases operational noise down as low as 23 dB1—the same audible level as rustling leaves Even when the group is seated near the projector, the LMZ460 Series integrates unobtrusively into the installation area and minimizes distractions. Quiet projection keeps your audience’s attention on the presentation, whether they are in the room or participating remotely.

T-LMZ460 Series key features

  • Effortless Projection Anywhere, Anytime
  • Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective
  • SOLID SHINE for Clear Images in Bright Light

At the touch of a button, meeting attendees can share their device screens with the projector. System for Wireless Presentation PressIT can connect up to 32 devices to the projector at the same time, allowing your group to display content and switch presenters with the press of a single button. PressIT consists of a receiver linked to the projector and transmitters linked to PCs or mobile devices.


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