Decluttering your closet for the “NEW” normal

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PawnHero Pawnshop offers the fast and convenient service of online pawning, online booking of item pick-up, and online loan releasing where you can receive your loaned amount straight to your bank account in real-time. You too can experience the whole PawnHero Pawnshop online pawning process while staying safe at home.

In the NEW normal, there are traditional transactions and services that can now be safely and securely done online, one of which is pawning or “pagsasangla”.

So, why not declutter your closet and turn some items into cash.

Aside from the usual pawnshop collateral like jewelry, smartphones, and game consoles, PawnHero Pawnshop also accepts high-value items such as designer bags and luxury watches as collateral for secured loans which can help the likes of businessmen to remedy their financial needs and other money-related business hurdles. PawnHero Pawnshop offers free item insurance and 24/7 security services for your pawned assets, so no need to worry about the safety of your assets!

Customers can safely pawn online in real-time at PawnHero Pawnshop is supervised by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is ISO accredited.

How to pawn online with Pawnhero Pawnshop

Step 1: Go to to create your pawn ticket.

Step 2: Once you have accepted our initial loan offer, you may now select your item pick-up schedule

Step 3: Upon scheduled visit, our appraisal team will receive your item and will physically inspect, authenticate, and appraise your item. Once done, you will receive a final loan offer from us.

Step 4: Once you have accepted our final loan offer, you will receive your money in a few hours via bank transfer or real-time via InstaPay.

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