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Samsung DV300F Review

Do you love taking Self-Portraits? Does your personal computer’s web camera’s quality is never enough to quench your vain thirst? Do you find stretching your arms to capture yourself inconvenient? If you are, then this camera is for you!

The new Samsung DV300F point-and-shoot camera, that was released earlier this year, offers wide range of features that suits your personal narcissism. I’ve given the opportunity to review the camera. Let’s see what I’ve found.

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The Samsung DV300F’s compact body looks stylish with its sleek metallic color. It has a very simple design but does give you a feel of elegance by its glossy finish.

The DV300F’s front face comprises of the 25mm wide angle lens that gives you 5x optical-zoom capabilities. Like the previous versions of the Samsung DualView Cameras, it also includes a 1.5” front-facing secondary LCD display which blends into the metallic theme of the camera’s body when it’s turned off, letting others unable to recognize it at first glance.

The back part of the camera comprises of the 3” primary LCD display and a set of buttons which is very straightforward and easy to understand with the aid of uncomplicated set of labels.

The top of the camera includes the shutter button, with the zoom dial around it and a speaker for video playback. It also includes a button to activate or de-activate the front-facing LCD display.

The USB port is found at the side of the device. It doubles as a USB 2.0 file transferring port and as an AV connection slot.
The Lithium-Ion BP88 rechargeable battery can be accessed at the bottom part of the DV300F, together with the MicroSD card. The bottom also includes a slot for the tripod.

The GUI of the camera is also superb. It’s easy look at and to go around and explore, thus making it effortless in finding stuff and options around.

Main Features

The DV300F is a 16.1 Mega Pixel camera, capturing images and storing them in a maximum of 4608 x 3456 resolution (great for A1 size). Crisp, rich and spot-on high quality photographs are the expected results which did not disappoint.

However, like any other digital cameras, low-light photography poses an issue. Low-light capturing takes a long time to process the image which makes the user hold on to the exact position to avoid blurry and smudged results, thus making it point-shoot-and-wait-until-the-processing-completes-to-avoid-blurry-pictures camera. Of course you could always use the camera’s flash which is very soft and quite good looking.

The video recording, on the other hand, can record videos up to 720p quality (1280 x 720 resolution) with a whopping 30FPS frame rate. The videos recorded were very smooth but the sound quality is not that great. Well, it’s to be expected since it’s primarily a digital camera, not a video camera, but high quality sound capturing needs to complement the high definition video quality that the device offers which would be awesome.

Unique Features

One of the key features of the DV300F is the DualView technology, which allows you to capture tricky self-portraits with ease. Also, this would allow you to take part on each and every group photos you would take without concerning about the positioning and angles because you can easily see the result in the LCD display.

The front facing LCD display is not limited to only showing your face whenever you take vanity shots. It is also utilized by other camera key feature such as the visual countdowns for tricky Jump Shots and timed photos. The 1.5” LCD screen is also used to display a cute little scene which can be used to distract children into looking your way when you are taking pictures of them.

The DV300F also boasts about its options and filters in taking pictures. Why would you need Photoshop or Instagram when you can do most of the frequently used features of those software with just several pushes at the camera’s button?

Most importantly, it’s Wi-Fi! Yey! This means that you can directly upload and share your photos and videos from the camera to the internet! You can directly upload photos to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and videos to Youtube whenever and wherever you want.

True, it is a great feat but personally I would still prefer downloading the photos to my laptop before I upload them to the internet. Why? Well, typing description and comments using the camera is a lot of pain in the ass. But overall, the internet capability of this camera is superb.



  • Lightweight and Compact with a simple but expensive-looking design
  • Easy to understand labels and GUI which allows users of all ages use it with ease
  • 16.1 Mega Pixels means mind-blowing high quality photos and videos
  • Front facing LCD display make it seem that you’re looking at a mirror when you take self-portraits or group pictures
  • Very cool looking photo and video filters that is comparable to stand-alone photo processing software
  • Wide and extensive range of pre and post proc utilities
  • Wi-Fi’s always good


  • Design does not include grips which can be inconvenient to users with big or slippery hands
  • Fair battery life
  • Good, but not best sound recording quality which does not complement high quality videos

You can clearly see the amount of difference between the Pros and the Cons. The DV300F may be best for narcissistic and vain photo aficionados because of its front facing LCD, easy to use cool effects and direct connection to the internet but it’s also recommended to photographers and enthusiasts in different levels.

Samsung DV300F SRP: P9,990.00

Some more photos taken by Samsung DV 300F:


Actual photos of Samsung DV300f:



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