Samsung PH brings SSD drives; kits to follow in Q1

Samsung is bringing SSD drives in the local market now. As a starter, 120G and 250G is now available in select Samsung stores and authorized dealers like Silicon Valley, Oceanic, Complink.


If you have a laptop which I’m sure uses 2.5-inch hard disk drive and you would like to move to SSD for improved at fast performance, SSD is the way to go.

Samsung SSD will fit in your drive bay. You can even do a DIY.


Shown in the picture above is a Samsung SSD and a classic 2.5-inch hard disk drive. The HDD was taken off a laptop and replaced it with the SSD.


Samsung 120G retails at P5390, while the 250G has an SRP of P9,390.

Samsung SSD rep told that SSD kits will be made available early next year. This will be for the desktop and laptop users who wants to experience SSD technology. The kit will have SATA adapters and cables.

The Samsung SSD packages comes with CD with a software that helps you clone your old drive and transfer the content including the OS to the Samsung SSD. A really good deal since you will no longer problem the migration of the system contents of your old drive to the SSD.

CNET Youtube clip about the Samsung SSD.

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