Schneider Electric Galaxy VMS: Up to 99% Energy Efficiency

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In the age of big data, data centers and industrial applications always need to be up and running. This is to service the most demanding operations in the country’s growing industries like telcos, BPO, semi-conductor, and healthcare sectors. Even a minute of downtime could lead to losses worth hundreds of thousands of pesos, hence the need for critical power systems support for data centers.

Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management, recently unveiled the new Galaxy VM, a new three-phase UPS that provides power protection as well as maximum energy efficiency.


“Data Centers are especially vulnerable here in the Philippines because of the increased possibility of fluctuations and outages,” said Doy Santos, Country IT Business Unit Head of Schneider Electric Philippines. “Schneider Electric’s extensive experience in reliable power protection design is ingrained and culminated in the Galaxy VM. It solves major concerns in the IT area by ensuring uninterrupted and efficient power, as well as reducing energy consumption and its related costs,” he enthused.

The Galaxy VM UPS uses innovative, patent pending power topology that improves reliability by reducing stress on active components. Additionally, the Galaxy VM reduces energy costs through its innovative 99 percent efficiency ECOnversion™ mode, which comes with input harmonic correction while combining the advantages of double conversion on-line and advanced ECO mode technologies to operate at the greatest efficiency without putting data center and non-data center critical loads at risk. This is particularly important as data center operators and managers as well as critical facilities managers must balance the need for optimal energy efficiency with maximum uptime and availability.

It offers flexible energy storage solutions with swappable modular battery modules and fans that can be replaced without the need to go through maintenance bypass, thus increasing availability and load protection.


Galaxy VM is compliance to international seismic standards of the International Building Code of 2012 and the California Building Code of 2013, which means that the UPS will continue to work before and after shocks.

For more information about the Galaxy VM, please visit the Power Management Systems product website  and Schneider Electric TV for product showcase videos.

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