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While strolling around in Megamall on June 4, 2010 I chanced upon this laptop skin but its colorless. Its called iShield, its just the same as the regular skins that you put in your laptops or gadgets but this one is invisible. The film is made of a military-grade material purposely made to protect electronic devices such us your mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, iPods, iPads, digital cameras and various mp3 players.
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According to their press release, they already sold millions of this worldwide. They are even confident enough that they offer Lifetime Warranty for the product. Should your iShield gets damaged, scratched or torned, just return it back and they will replace it for free.

It is technically US made product by Zagg, Inc. and distributed locally by iShield Philippines.

They have templates for common gadgets like laptop, mobile phones and the like. My Acer 1810tz which has 11.6″ screen has no template yet since this is relatively a new model.

I think this is a good investment considering that you can buy expensive gadgets, adding around P2,000 is not bad if you will be worry-free and your device will be scratch-proof.

Here some contact details if you are interested.

iShield Philippines, Tel. No. +632 809-7043 / 408-7321

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