NEW!! Smart Signature Plans+ with FREE Netlfix is out!

Smart Signature Plans+ with Unli 5G data is the latest postpaid subscription model which you can already avail of today.

As of the moment, the subscription comes in with SIM-Only plans.

Subscribers can avail Plan XL+, which costs P2,499 a month, and get unlimited 5G and 4G data for the duration of their contract. Other plans, on the other hand, include unlimited 5G data for six months as well as data allocations: Plan S+ (P99/month) with 20GB, Plan M+ (P1,499/month) with 40GB, and Plan L+ (P 1,999/month) with 60GB.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Lite plan is a great starting point. For 5G data, you only pay P599 per month.

Smart Signature Plans Plus

All plans come with a one-year Netflix subscription for free.

NEW!! Smart Signature Plans Plus
Plans S+Plan M+Plan L+Plan XL+Lite
Unli 5G (6 Mos.)Unlimited 5G
20G Data40G Data60G Data5GB Data
Unli Allnet CallsUnli Allnet Calls
Unli Allnet TextsUnli Allnet Texts
Unli Landline Texts
Unli Landline Texts
FREE Netflix for 12 Mos.
Subscription fee


Along with the new 5G plans, Smart has announced agreements with a number of smartphone brands, including from Apple and Huawei to OPPO and Samsung to vivo and Xiaomi, to enable the new plans to be paired with 5G devices in the near future.

Smart Signature customers may also manage their digital lifestyle using the GigaLife App, which is a one-stop shop for checking account details, managing their subscription, and earning and accumulating GigaPoints for exclusive bonuses and rewards.

Customers may now visit all Smart Stores nationwide. Alternatively, you can check out the official website to learn more:

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