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Skyworth launches SUE Eye-Care TVs in the Philippines

The Super TV Global Tour came to a close in the Philippines, which held the third and final stop of the tour under the banner “Transform your World.” This event includes the debut of a new product with the “SUE Eye-Care” TV models, which are market leaders with distinctive and cutting-edge technology that are pioneering in Southeast Asian markets.

The event’s stars, the new SUE Eye-Care TV models, are ready to conquer and win you over. Skyworth made the first Google TV models for eye care. A stretchable TV is another feature. The whole screen can be stretched and changed from flat to curved. You can change the curvature angle from 3.5 meters to 1 meter, depending on how far away you want to watch.

Skyworth’s brand-new product line, made to give customers a more complete viewing experience, was unveiled in a happy moment. But these Eye-Care TV features aren’t “catchy” enough right now to get Filipinos to buy them. But it’s important because it helps kids avoid the long-term damage that flashing monitors can do to their eyes. A study says that different visual and eye symptoms are part of an eye condition. About half of the people who use screens a lot do so because they spend a lot of time on the computer or watching TV. Skyworth likes it and tells you to watch without worrying that it will soon make your vision worse. These Eye Care TVs have been given approval by the German TUV Rheinland Certification. This means that you can keep your health safe while reducing screen flashes and preventing the danger of invisible flashes by changing the dimming mode. It has a night mode, eye protection mode, auto volume control mode, flash-free screen, and blue light, among other things.

Skyworth is also proud to say that it has its own QLED+ feature. After years of research and development, it was found that QLED could do thorough calibration to improve quality. Because of the use of modern composite materials, the QLED+ is more reliable and dependable in general, and the TV will last longer. It can slow down how quickly most quantum dot materials break down, making them more stable and reliable. It increases the color gamut coverage rate by 47% and makes sure that there are more than 107 million colors while taking care of the environment. The color gamut value of the DCI-P3 standard is an amazing 93%, which makes colors look more vibrant. Skyworth’s new line of products is also more interesting because of OLED and MiniLED. The most recent TVs from this company use millions of pixels to show color, which is more accurate and lifelike.

Where to buy Skyworth TVs?

All of Skyworth’s newest high-end TVs will be shown to Filipinos for the first time on a national tour. From October to November, it will be held at the Imperial Showroom, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Ansons The Link, All Home Taguig, Abenson Quezon Avenue, and Munoz.

Other Skyworth products in the Philippines

Skyworth has put out more models, such as the Coolita TV Series, the T2 and T4 Projector TVs, and the Sound 1 Soundbars. These are in addition to the new items and models that have been highlighted. After growing its market in the Philippines for more than 10 years, SKYWORTH has built a nationwide cross-channel distribution network and is now ready to take over the internet channels. With 160+ service locations, the company gives customers real peace of mind with a two-year warranty.

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