Sprout Offers Digital Payroll Solution to SMEs

For the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines, this could be the best time to level up your payroll system with an easier time complying with government regulations with the official launch of Payroll for Small Businesses by Sprout Solutions.

The latest product of Sprout Solutions was launched at the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) Tech Advantage summit last Thursday.

Sprout Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company based in the Philippines that aims to help businesses through their suite of innovative HR and payroll management solutions.

Payroll for Small Businesses is part of Sprout’s advocacy for improving businesses in the Philippines by giving them access to solutions that will help them grow. Small businesses don’t always have enough resources to efficiently process payroll, which is why Sprout is offering their payroll module for free until they are ready to avail of the full range of services.

“Sprout has always been about impacting Filipino lives by improving business, and the way we want to do this now is by giving smaller businesses a way to focus more on strategic thinking,” said Patrick Gentry, co-founder and CEO of Sprout Solutions. “We were also quite small not too long ago, and we understand how tough it is to handle more people, which is why we decided to offer Payroll for Small Businesses without charging until a client grows beyond 50 people,” he added.

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Sprout’s main direction has always been to help businesses by solving problems with compliance. Avoiding non-compliance can bog down budding businesses because of the time and effort it takes to carry out the iterative tasks of payroll and timekeeping. This problem is even more critical for smaller businesses that need to focus resources on operational concerns rather than administrative tasks.

According to Sprout Solutions, the Payroll For SME’s can be up and running with five to 10 days of deployment. Companies availing their services will have full support through the process. There will be available experts to address all concerns during the installation.

Sprout’s payroll solution offers businesses the ability to easily overcome the compliance problem by automating the payroll process, including automatic generation of over 20 government reports and calculation of 32 different pay rates. Businesses can leverage the technology to navigate tricky regulations that stifle an HR department’s ability to focus on enriching the employee knowledge pool.

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