StackTrek: Bringing Equality in Programming Education and Employment

The Philippines is the world’s number two IT outsourcing destination, yet a majority of programming students are not “hireable” in tech jobs, according to StackTrek founder and CEO Billy Yuen.

He saw this gap and formulated a solution: a way to bring equal opportunities in tech education and employment, and a bridge for Filipinos from poverty to middle-class jobs.

StackTrek is a venture-backed global people analytics company, with offices in Hong Kong and APAC headquarters in the Philippines. The company boasts of deep expertise and propriety technologies in assessing, analyzing, and improving programmer capability – enabling the Filipino graduate to be competitive in the 4th industrial revolution.

StackTrek has an ambitious agenda: that every student should graduate armed with career-ready IT knowledge. After all, no other subject can open doors in the 21st century like programming. The company has plans touching on tech education, economic development, equality, and inclusiveness. Currently, StackTrek is working with the government to bring universal programming education to the entire nation.

StackTrek, a People Analytics Company, is an umbrella to three brands:

StackED is providing tech platform for education, bias-free skills assessment, and talent improvement to universities and schools.

StackLab is providing a space for the best tech talent to be hired by global tech companies.

Putting employment at its center by bringing these companies to the employees.

StackLeague is the first, free, and largest coding Esports competition to be held on August 3-4, 2019 at the StackLeague Arena Tektite (former Philippine Stock Exchange, Trading Floor in Ortigas).  It aims to create and provide equal opportunities for developers to showcase their skills. In this competition, there is no such thing as race, gender and social background – only developers.  

StackLeague is pure skills. No Gender. No Race. Only Talent.  Interested parties may check out

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