Targus Slim iPad Case Review

In case you are still holding to your iPad2 and the New iPad here is a slim case that is well recommended. The Targus Slim iPad Case which we got from Targus Philippines.

We unboxed it initially and had our first impressions in this post.

We did not upgrade to the New iPad since we are happy with iPad2. This slim case however will fit both your New iPad and the iPad2 with no problem at all.

The material used in this slim case has a touch of a cloth in the surface but tightly hold your iPad. It has tendency though to get dirty over time, but if you talk about securing your tablet like the accidental bumps, or slip from your hand and you drop it, your iPad will still be in good shape.

The Targus slim iPad case lets you view your favorite video clips in a relaxing horizontal position just like what is show in the picture above specially when you are viewing from a table a desk.

I like how the Targus secures the iPad, it “hugs” your tablet so tight. iPad2 and the New iPad comes with Smart Covers, this feature is also covered by the Targus slim case. Your iPad’s screen goes to sleep everytime you close the cover.

Design and Quality.

Targus is known for having a high quality back packs designed for laptops. If you are a mobile worker, you will love the Targus backpacks. It is priced fairly too. The design of the slim iPad case and its quality is synonymous to its backpack models. Carefully made with quality materials plus the design is so straightforward, so neat and simple.

Price and Availability
The Targus Slim iPad Case is now available in all leading stores nationwide. It retails for an affordable price of P1,999

So there you go our quick review of the slim iPad case by Targus. I would recommend this to any iPad users who would come across and read this post. Do not compromise your much-loved iPads with just any “low-priced” case. This case is worth every peso you will spend, you will go home smiling and happy.

In case you want to see more photos, you can check this link. Or go directly to our first impressions in this post. You can also check Targus FB page in this link.

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