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TCL Reiterates its Smart Manufacturing Commitments to Facilitate High-End Air Conditioning

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TCL, one of the biggest names in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics brand, has announced that Phase I of TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park, a smart factory that will help make premium air conditioners at a rate of more than 6 million units per year, is now done.

The total cost of the TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park for Air conditioners is $497 million, and it will be built in three stages. The Park, which can span up to 390,000 square meters, houses TCL’s whole AC supply chain, including research and development, smart manufacturing, and smart logistics, and serves as a distribution hub for the company’s high-end air conditioners, which are sold in over 160 countries.

TCL is responsible for the development of sixty percent of the Park’s production automation, and the Park is digitally driven to utilize the technology of AIoT, big data, and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, product quality, and costs.

TCL uses sustainable practices from the start of the production process and throughout, in addition to smart technologies. To keep energy usage and carbon emissions to a minimum, the Park relies heavily on solar electricity, which is tracked by an EMS (energy management system) and fed by a smart hydration system.

TCL has been producing high-quality air conditioning equipment for over 20 years, and their global production network includes 10 manufacturing facilities in China, Brazil, and Indonesia with a combined capacity of over 30 million units. A variety of TCL Air Conditioning models, including the Fresh Air 1.0, Gentle Cool, Elite, and Q-Series, have been widely distributed throughout the world.

TCL’s air conditioners, which have won the Red Dot Design Award, are not only functional and efficient, but also stylish and easy to incorporate into any room’s existing design.

TCL’s second-generation TCL Fresh Air AC Technology debuted at CES 2023. While most central air conditioners just recycle the air already in the building, TCL’s FreshIN+ fresh air system uses a strong air engine to bring in outdoor air at a rate of up to 60 cubic meters per hour, where it can assist boost the interior air quality by adding oxygen and moisture.

TCL’s Fresh Air Technology has been upgraded to a new level, significantly improving indoor air quality. Its patented air circulation mechanism mimics the natural breathing process by taking in outdoor air and expelling stale interior air.

In addition to its robust fresh air features, it also has a sensor that can measure total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the air and display the results in a “dynamic display of air quality.”

Find a local TCL office or message us on TCL’s social media to learn more about the availability of TCL air conditioners in your area.

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