Testing the Genius GX SW-G2.1 1200

MSI-ECS team sent us over a gaming speaker about a week ago to test and make a little review. A genius GX Gaming series speaker model SW-G2.1 1200. It is a 2.1 Chanel speakers, the SW-G2.1 1200 is one of the 18 models released by Genius.

The SW-G2.1 1200 by Genius has a glossy finish both  for  sub-woofer and satellites, analog bass adjustment and volume control, has headphone jack if you like to play and enjoy the sounds by yourself, an extra line-in jack is also available for secondary audio input.

The back portion has four ports – two for audio output for the satellites, two for the audio input in which you connect the audio cable (RCA – 3.5mm audio cable).

The power witch is also analog conveniently located at the back. The sub-woofer is housed on wooden cabinet with 4-inch driver.

The speaker is designed for gaming, but I’m no gamer.  Angry Birds and Solitaire in Windows are the only games I’d play. But my iPad 2 has GT Racing Motor Academy installed; I eagerly tried it with the speakers. The roaring of the sports car’s engine were fantastic, I tried to max the volume to see if sound will crack or something. I was surprised the sound was solid.

The speaker is design to be installed in a desk; it could be a perfect sound system in a typical small computer table. I was hoping that the satellites can be mounted to a wall or something but it does not provide one. And the speaker wires are just enough that it should be located near the sub-woofer.

While writing this article I plugged the speakers to my audio laptop and enjoyed listening to music. The SW-G2.1 1200 is definitely a good speaker system for a close-range music or video playback, gaming as well. And since the provided audio cable is 3.5mm jack, you can plug this into any device – from your laptop, smartphones, tablets and even DVD players with 2.1 outputs.

We have more photos in our photoblog, check ’em out here.

SRP according to MSI-ECS is still TBD but it will be available in stores by this month.

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