Top Reasons Why Own a Solid State Hard Drive

One of the best kept secrets of the computer community in terms of external storage solutions are the solid state hard drives. Most of us tech savvy netizens are only aware of the hard disk drives as a viable external storage solution. We may have explored using memory cards, hard disks, USB flash drives and the like. This is an opportunity for us to explore a better external storage solution.

Technically speaking, solid state hard drives (SSD) are devices used to store data that makes use of integrated circuits. Solid state hard drives do not employ any moving mechanical component, which is what sets it apart from the rather famous storage device formats in the market today.

Though the solid state hard drives, or more often erroneously referred to as the solid state disks, are quite expensive in comparison to the usual hard disk drives most computer owners are used to, they pack a lot of punch in every byte and make a better external storage solution. Consumers can easily find more affordable solid state hard drives online. Some retailers have affordable solid state hard drives from well known brands such as Hewlett Packard, Intel, Kingston, IBM and Imation and more.

Solid State Hard Drives Are Better Than Others
Let us now discus why you should own a solid state hard drive in the first place. The major portion of the advantages of these drives over the more traditional external storage solutions is basically its ability to transfer data electronically rather than electromagnetically. Also, as mentioned earlier, SSDs do not have any movable mechanical components.

This simply means that this external storage solution is less susceptible to any form of physical shock, exposure to magnetic surfaces that may affect the data and minimization of wear and tear of the hard drive itself. Therefore SSDs may tend to last longer compared to hard disk drives. SSDs are also light and fixed which only adds to its sustainable characteristic.

Solid State Hard Drives for Faster File Transfer
Also in comparison to other external storage solutions, solid state hard drives are usually more silent and have lower access time and latency. This means it would take you half the time it usually takes to start and access files in solid state hard drives in comparison to traditional external storage solutions. As far as latency is concerned, since the data can be accessed from anywhere on the drive, the read time can be shortened to up to 50% of the traditional external storage solution’s reading time.

Solid State Hard Drives Save Energy
The list does not end there. Using SSDs usually take up to only a third of the power consumption of hard drive disks or HDDs as we more commonly call them. HDDs usually take upto 0.35 to 20 watts depending on the capacity of the disk drive. Although they are not very affordable, solid state hard drives, they save more power and time in the long run.

Many affordable solid state hard drives come in many sizes, usually up to 2 terabytes. Nowadays, it is not enough to have just your computer or laptop alone to store your data. Therefore next time when shopping for external storage solutions, do not forget to look for reasonably priced solid state hard drives that suit your personal requirements. Various brands are available and you can choose which one you prefer most. But for sure, you will get the best of this portable storage device.

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