Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Review

Alright, let us start this review by apologizing a bit. The CM Titan that was launched a month ago and it has been with us since then,  we made it our daily default phone while Note 2 is kept at the locker.

The Titan has been performing well as far as its speed is concern, taking photos, apps are stable specially the social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

It’s a 5-incher phone!
Cherry Mobile Titan is the first 5-inch phone by CM having a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels which is a little bit short as opposed to it current competition. Galaxy S3 has 1280 x 720. However if you are like me that uses the phone to (take and) view pictures, use social media apps, Titan will deliver.

Colors can be on the low side versus S3, but let us justify it a little bit, the price might tell the difference later. Washed out color is obvious (this is when you have used a superior phone before like Note 2 or S3). But tweaking it a little bit might change your view about it. Titan gives you three color choices: Simple color mode (default), Colorful Mode, and Deep Color Mode.

It is fast!
Navigating through screen is really fast and fluid, you might think that Titan is powered by a Quad-core processor but its not. Titan has only Dual-core 1Ghz processor and a 512MB RAM. It spell the difference when several apps are already running, you get the real lag but still performs with flying colors.

There’s no Gorilla.
The Titan ships with a couple of accessories with it, headset, USB cable and charger, and a flip cover. The display is an all-glass display that is why, it ships with a screen protector already. Nice one CM! You can do away with the flip cover and replace the default back cover just like that I did, since I am not used with the flip cover accessory. With the flip cover in place, the phone would always slip on my hand.

The CM Titan is dual-SIM card phone that uses the regular SIM and both can be used for your mobile data. It is a dual-standby SIM so it is very convenient. There is no need to switch when you want to use the other SIM. You can set which one is your default SIM or select “Always Ask” in the contextual menu, giving you options each time you use it either for texting or calling.

By the day, Titan has a default keyboard called TouchPal, it has a swipe feature but it becomes annoying since the switch button is located on top of the space bar, you always accidentally turn it on and off. To solve this problem, I downloaded another keyboard app.


Some more photos of the CM Titan is right here.

Battery Life is impressive!

On a daily basis, my usual usage of a smartphone starts 8AM from the house with battery fully charged, from the house the phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi, once I step out of my door, I turn off my phone’s Wifi, turn on 3G. That will stay that way to the office or to meetings or events I attend to. Before lunch, I’d be at the office where there Wi-Fi, I turn off 3G and back to Wi-Fi mode. Most of time, I check short e-mails from my phone, do a little Instagram on idle time, check FB and do minimal tweets. The whole time – an 8-hour working time plus some extra curricular activities extending up to about 9PM, the Titan is still alive with at least 30% battery life. It is decent to say that Cherry Mobile Titan that ships with a 2,350 mAh battery will last you about 15hrs of use. However, if you use it for Skype and some video playbacks, it can shorten to at least 10 hours. It is still impressive as compared to Note 2 that last only more than 8hours. It can even last you more than a day if you use Wi-Fi only.

The Quadrant test puts CM Titan 3rd from HTC OneX and Asus Transformer Price, not bad at all.

It takes good photos too!
Alright, in this department I should say the 5MP camera of Titan excels! It is even comparable to the 8MP of Galaxy S3. Let the images shows how awesome this camera is.

Sample photos taken by Cherry Mobile Titan:

On a well-lighted condition, the Titan performs very well. I am impressed about the results of the pictures, to think that it has only 5MP camera.

Let me say that Cherry Mobile is the Hyundai brand in the smartphone market. It started just like Nokia will all the low-end and really affordable phones, but recently it is gaining the respect of the smartphone users in terms of quality and CM Titan is one of them. A dual-SIM 5-inch phone with a Android ICS 4.0, 4G internal memory but extendable up to 32G via MicroSD, and 5MP camera. Will I recommend this to you and to my friends? Yes and No. Yes, if you have big hands to hold a 5-inch phone, no if otherwise.

But before you buy check this few more words from us.

What we liked about CM Titan:
– battery life! Last for more than 12 hours!
– huge screen
– dual-core processor
– easily switch to either SIM

What we din’t like about CM Titan:
– poor resolution
– ICS only, better off with Jelly Bean Android OS
– poor camera performance on low light

– MTK MT6577 1GHz Dual-Core Processor
– Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
– 480 x 800 pixels, 5.0” Capacitive Touch Panel
– Connectivity: HSDPA (Both SIMs), Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi B/G/N , FM Radio, GPS/A-GPS
– Storage: 4GB Internal, MicroSD up to 32GB, 512MB RAM
– Micro USB port
– 5MP, VGA front camera
– Battery: 2,350 mAh

Cherry Mobile Titan will retail at Php6,490.00. It is still not available in stores right now, but its little brother Flare is already in the shelves for the price of P3,999.

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  1. I’ve been using CM Titan W500 for a month now, so far so good, performance in browsing=95% ,Screen Sensitivity= 98% ,Battery =60%, cannot reach for 2 days in normal usage, sayang i’m planning to buy spare battery and carry it always! I bought it @”James Innovation” 888 Malls in Bacolod city

  2. hi I’m a titan user, I think, you can only use one 3g network in one sim and not both simultaenously coz you have to set it if its in sim1 or sim2, Sim1 by default, unlike other models that it’s only in sim1 that uses 3G network.Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks

  3. Hi sir, im planning to buy this CM Titan. But I have receive some bad comments like.. “Other Menu is not Functioning well, Cant Connect through Wifi, some screen like China phone (what i mean if you press in the middle of the screen it will press to different screen) and for standby phone, it will not last atleast 10hrs. Like no WIFI open,BLUETOOTH etc. But still I am amaze of this phone so I’m searching for a great review. Please help me decide. My Gal Y is very old now. I want to replace it. 🙂

  4. Just tried the Titan today. It’s really a nice phone. I like the design and checked the cam for its performance. It has HDR mode and panorama! So we can also say ‘cheeeeeeese’ with this phone. 😉 Form factor and functionality is great with practical price!

  5. I just bought a Titan and its great av been using it…and i never found any features that

    disappoints me…but it doesn’t come with a flip cover…

    somebody could tell where i could possibly get one?

  6. I am planning to buy one, just want to know if the headphone is replaceable. The reason why i ask this is because i found out that with their Flare phone it is not replaceable.

      1. Compatibility issues is what I mean, if i decide on buying a headphone like Philips or skull candy or if i decide on connecting it to a speaker, would it work? I read a review that their flare phone has issues on compatibility, that it is choosey, i want to know if you have performed tests on the titan regarding this issue.

  7. I have a Cherry Mobile Titan….Actually this phone”s ROCK….Ok na ok sya so far wala pa akong nakikitang problema sa kanya….the Screen is Good, the style ok ang 5 inch display sbi nga nila the bigger the better..The Touch very responsive, mabilis sya para sa Dual Core, at higit sa lahat ung Battery panalo it can last 1 day kahit na mag games at mag internet ka pa….
    what can you ask for sa telepono na to 6499 u cannot compare dis sa samsung s3 or note 2 or kahit sa iphone because ung mga phone na un is triple the price……
    so far i can reccomend this Phone sa mga gustong mag upgrade or mgkaroon ng malaking screen na phone sa murang halaga…..
    Two Thumbs Up Cherry Mobile!!!!!

  8. Hi guys.

    I have read a news. Cherry Mobile will release and distribute CM Titan W500 which is something new:
    – 5-point touch
    – with an OS of Jellybean 4.0
    – new SRP of P5,999.00 only

    Am I right? I’m planning to buy CM Titan because I love it so much.

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