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Speed kills. This is what my former boss, a retired General in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He always reminds us whenever we are driving that we can reach our destination safe and sound without speeding too much.

Aside from speed kills, safety must be a major concern for Pinoy drivers. Even with the presence of a seatbelt law, most of us forget to put it on as soon as we start driving.


My entry to the Toyota Design Your Own Seatbelt Contest

Speed kills seatbelt pad. The design of this seatbelt will remind me, and all of the drivers that wearing seatbelt is a must, no need to for a law for safety to be implemented and the red skull there will remind me that I don’t have to be over speeding to reach my destination. Enjoy the ride, put your seatbelt and arrive safely.

Why it is important to wear seatbelt.


Putting on the seatbelt is like buying a life insurance for your self. Securing life before anything worse happen ahead.

Long drive or short drive requires a seatbelt. I would always encourage drivers to do the same – either they are the ones driving or seated as a passenger.

Because I don’t feel secured and worse I get nervous when riding a car without the seatbelt put on.

It takes time to practice.  You have to do it like drinking brushing your teeth daily. It must come naturally.

Like other routine, you have to practice it at least 10 times. After that it would come automatically.

According to Toyota, only 25% of people in South East Asia wear seatbelt. That is a very low percentage.  And ours, the Philippines has even lower percentage of only 20% wearing seatbelts for security purposes.


This means that only 460,000 motorist wear seatbelt out of the 2.3 millions vehicles that pass through EDSA everyday. That is even with the seatbelt law of the Philippines. And EDSA is only a little part of the entire country. If you go and observe motorists in the province, you might be surprise to see that only 1 out of 10 wear seatbelt, especially for the public utility vehicles.

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8750 is the Philippine law that mandates all motorists to wear seatbelt.

Sec.  4.  Mandatory Use of Seat Belts. — For their own safety, the driver and front seat passengers of a public or private motor vehicle are required to wear or use their seat belt devices while inside a vehicle of running engine on any road or thoroughfare: Provided, That for private vehicles, except for jeeps, jeepneys, vans, buses and such other private vehicles as may be determined in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), front and back seat passengers are likewise required to use their seat belt devices at all times.


Practice makes perfect.

You only have to do it regularly. When you practice that action, it becomes a habit, and then it becomes automatic. Just like brushing your teeth.

While speed kills, seatbelts protect your life like insurance.  Wear your seatbelt now.


Toyota is running a Seatbelt Art Contest and you too can join! There are two categories for this contest – and Pro and Open categories. The Open Category is open to the public while the Pro is for the bloggers, teachers, and design professionals. The contest runs from June 30 until August 31, 2014. The contest is happening in five Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Your design must be original, but there is one request from Toyota, include the THUMS (Total HUman Model for Safety) in your design. The THUMS gallery can be downloaded in this link.

Design your own seatbelt and win prizes!

Just like my design shown in the first photo above, you need to use the official template provided by Toyota. Refer to the photo below.


Hey, don’t forget to include THUMS in your design! There a several THUMS you can use just go to the gallery. Or check the step-by-step procedure just like how I did it.

How to join the contest.
Now, after you have conceptualized your design using the template above, here’s how you will join the contest.

  1. On your browser, type
  2. From there, you choose what country are you from (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia orThailand).
  3. Click Submit Your Design menu
  4. Then sign in with your Facebook account to register for the contest.
  5. Finally, Upload your seatbelt pad design in JPG format from your PC only, file size must not be more than 2MB.
  6. Wait for the Toyota confirmation email. This will tell you if your entry is qualified. All valid entries are displayed in the contest gallery.
  7. Spread the news! Share it to your social media channels, to your Facebook groups and encourage your friends to vote for it!


There will be one winner from the Professional category and two winners from the Open category. They will each take home a 16G iPad Air WiFi plus 10 seatbelts of their winning design.

Oh, by the way guys, I joined the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest and here’s the link to my entry – link. Please click the link and vote for my entry! Thank you!

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