Travelling as a way of life

Imagine yourself cruising in the Caribbean in a private yacht or on a soul searching trip to India, how about exploring the great Wall of China, or visiting the most romantic places on earth like the Eiffel Tower, or exploring the historical significance of ruins in Rome, or visiting the wildlife in Africa, or dune bashing in the desert of Dubai or frolicking in the world class white beaches of the Philippines…. the places to visit are endless. Impossible to come true? Not really, A lot may say travelling is a luxury… Actually for me it is a way of life.

Lost in the Desert of Dubai
Trying to decipher the wall carvings at Bayon Temple, Cambodia

Check this link for the Bayon Temple article in my blog.

All of us have different ways to unwind from the realities of life. A lot loves to party with friends, or spend time doing something they are passionate about like art or shopping! For me it’s exploring and appreciating different cultures, of stepping on a foreign ground and observing their way of life. Of learning and appreciating new discoveries, and being awed by God’s creation and appreciating the beauty with your naked eye. And who said Travelling is expensive? Aleah Phils of Solitary Wanderer was able to travel Europe in 70 days with so little budget by staying in hostels and their interesting “couchsurfing project” if she can do it, of course we can too! It’s just a matter of planning to make your dreams a reality.

At Venice (Venezia) with new found friends

You are working till wee hours for what anyway? To save for the future, for your retirement, for your kids right? Do you have to wait for retirement to enjoy life? When you can’t barely walk due to arthritis? When you can’t enjoy tasting their food because you need to control your cholesterol and sugar intake? Life is supposed to be enjoyed so save something for your kids and your old age but never regret enjoying life now so travel while you can! It doesn’t have to be lavish trip.

My next destination? Is unknown.. Like my previous travels I will go where my feet will lead me.. It’s not the destination that matters anyway,  it’s the journey! Happy Travelling!

Hey, there are more photos in this link.


  1. I would also love to travel and visit different places. For now, my target is to tour around the Philippines first. I think my family and I will travel abroad after we have settled the priorities here which is our home.

  2. Many would want to be in your shoes right now, that’s for sure…
    Sad reality is that we have our own priorities and some could only wish they could also travel…
    Nonetheless, you’ve proven your point.. Carpe Diem! :))

  3. You already! ahaha… Ms. Vivi, how did you manage time from blogging to journeying? ^_^
    I guess I should deliberately do more fun. ^_^

  4. Travelling surely is fun, especially when you have special people to share it with you. It’s also a great way of gratifying yourself after working so hard to earn. I agree that travelling may not be expensive. One should just explore and be creative. 🙂

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