Tribal Dancers – Talentadong Pinoy's Hall of Famer

One week after I got my Canon EOS 40D; Leo, Milbert and I headed to San Miguel Avenue, the gimmick strip at the back of Mall of Asia. After about an hour of trying out our SLRs, we decided to do the usual ritual: The 2 Bottles segment. We spotted a group of entertainers at Boo’s, a group of girls with “fires” in their hands. They were the Tribal Dancers.
Tribal dancers

The group is composed of girls, two or them are sisters. Zam is the leader and apparently the prettiest of them all. The other girls are Grace,? Menchie and Liezel.

They got Facebook fan page. Check them out. Just a caution, don’t play with fire with them. 🙂


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