How to turn off Facebook Live notification

I guess Facebook Live was enabled to all mankind recently.

It is a feature of Facebook where anybody can broadcast whatever they are doing live on the most-used social media network by Mark Zuckerburg.

Turn off facebook live notification

And as expected everybody on Facebook turned curious about the feature and started broadcasting just about anything they want.

That is no problem actually because anybody can express whatever they want and be seen “live” with their smartphone’s camera.

The issue is when everybody on your Friends list gets notified every time there is somebody using the feature.


How to turn off Facebook Live notification

From your browser, open up the Settings menu of Facebook. To open the Settings Menu, click the upper rightmost button to reveal FB’s main menu. Scroll down a little bit and click Settings.

FB Settings

  1. Open Settings Menu
  2. Then click Notifications Menu. Under the Notification settings, you will see three (3) choices, one of them is “On Facbook“, click it to reveal all notifications settings.
  3. Click “Live Videos“. A pull down menu will show and then you can select “Suggestions Off”

Turn FB Live Notifications

You are done.

From now on, you will no longer get notifications from from anybody on Facebook Live.

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