How to own vivo V27 series for as low as PHP708.29

You’ve been working hard, juggling your day job and side hustles while being more frugal with your money. You’re considering purchasing a new smartphone but don’t want to spend all of your hard-earned money.

There will be no more agonizing over it. It’s about time you reward yourself. This is undoubtedly one of your deserve ko ‘to moments.

The latest addition to vivo’s premium smartphone lineup — the #AuraPortraitMaster vivo V27 series — can now be purchased via Home Credit. Getting them using your credit card earns you more points.

That’s right! The recently released smartphone with the innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm designed to make your day and night portraits look like they were shot in a professional studio is now available with simple and flexible payment options. With a swipe, signature, and initial down payment, you can have your pocket studio and an elevated smartphone experience.

vivo V27 Home Credit installment plan

Vivo and Home Credit Philippines, both committed to assisting Filipinos with their technology and lifestyle needs, collaborated to offer flexible payment terms and low monthly installment rates. Choose the best payment plan for you, whether it’s 9, 12, or even 18 months! Use the My Home Credit app for loan transactions that are faster, easier, and more integrated.

  • vivo V27e. Start your smartphone photography journey and get this premium phone for as low as 10 percent initial down payment and zero interest rate. Choose a flexible installment term of up to 18 months at a monthly cost of PHP877!
  • vico V27 5G. Make a statement with your vlogging skills on the vivo V27 5G. Grab the vivo V27 5G variant with EIS+OIS Dual Ultra-Stabilization and Sony IMX766V for vivid footages for as low as PHP1,289 a month! Even better, get it for an initial down payment as low as 10 percent and up to 18 months installment.

vivo V27 Credit Card installment plan

Major credit card companies also allow you to buy this new must-have phone without any hassle. What’s more, earn rewards and build your credit score as you purchase the vivo V27 Series.

  • vivo V27e: Experience a great deal and pay as low as PHP708.29 monthly for up to 24 months installments – and that’s with 0 percent interest, too! As an accessory, you can now wear this stylish phone with a minimalist design, thin grip, and flat frame and seamlessly pair it with your work or casual attire.
  • vivo V27 5G: Grab this exciting deal and pay as low as PHP1,041.63 per month up to 24 months at 0 percent interest. Because the vivo V27 Series is powered by MediaTek D7200, you can enjoy an immersive gaming session without lag or unexpected performance issues. This high-end processor promises improved performance, faster processing speed, and significantly lower power consumption than the previous generation.

vivo V27 Series: Your own pocket studio

The vivo V27 series, with 256GB ROM, 12GB plus up to 8GB Extended RAM, the largest extended RAM in this price range, and exclusive photochromic technology from vivo, is every fashionista’s and multitasker’s dream digital partner. The vivo V27 5G features a 7.36mm lightweight and slim 3D curved screen, the thinnest in vivo V series history, which not only provides an ultra-thin grip but also an immersive movie and gaming experience in full-view display.

Discover how the aura light transforms ordinary-looking portraits into professional-looking ones, regardless of the lighting situation. Begin your personal vlog with this phone’s 50MP Eye AF Selfie camera and vlog movie mode, which guides you through the entire vlogging process, from planning to shooting to editing. With an all-day 4,600 mAh battery and a 66W Fast Charge, you can get the most out of your pocket studio.

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