When Venus was on top of the Moon

Last Sunday, May 16th while driving towards Glorietta 5 for an exclusive dinner-invite with a couple friend who’s celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary, my attention was caught by almost all people with camera – Digicam, cellphone camera and SLRs. Everybody seems to be very amazed looking at the sky.

When I looked up to check, I saw a smiling moon winking to everybody! Bad timing for me! I did not bring my camera, but Jingle will not leave his house not bringing his gadget specially its their anniversary. I called him and almost shouted – Go out, now! Shoot the moon! He simply replied… “Padi, nag oorder na kami, ika na lang pag abot mo…” (My friend, we’re seated now and taking the order, you take the shot once you arrive here).

Anyway, here it is. Armed with a Canon EOS 40D with Sigma 18-250mm OS. No tripod. I just leaned in one of the wall along North Park in G5. Here’s what I got.

Image is cropped already. Thanks to Picasa.

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