Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc.: Leading the Way in Making Insurance Accessible to All

The PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies recently founded Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc. (CLIB) in 2019.

But now, when Filipinos think of microinsurance, this full-fledged brokerage firm comes to mind first.

This is because they focus on helping the country’s low-income people, understanding and empathizing with their needs, and coming up with the right solutions and products that meet those needs.

A big part of CLIB’s ability to help the disadvantaged get the insurance they need is because they work with many other companies to make affordable, easy-to-use, and valuable products to most people.

CLIB has a vast portfolio because they have long-term partnerships with many companies that share their goals. For example, Pioneer, Malayan, FWD, PruLife, and FPG are all well-known insurers that work with CLIB.

To make these goods more accessible, CLIB has also built essential partnerships with big businesses that make getting their products to customers easier. This strategic effort shows that CLIB and Cebuana Lhuillier are serious about digitizing back-end processes to give customers the best service possible.

To help their target market, CLIB acts as a mediator, ensuring that each customer’s needs are carefully considered and met. In this way, CLIB ensures that the customer’s wants are met in terms of price and product coverage.

To make things easier for customers, CLIB has made these items accessible to buy in more than 3,000 offices and over 6,500 Cebuana Lhuillier partner stores in the Philippines. Also, these branches have an in-house team ready to take claims and handle them anytime. To ensure they cover everything, CLIB has digital channels, such as its all-in-one e-commerce platform ProtectNow, and famous e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee, where people can easily look at and choose the insurance they need without leaving their homes.
As part of CLIB’s unique “TECHBRICK” structure, they are making their insurance goods available in both physical hubs and digital platforms. This is an effort to improve services and offer more products. By quickly and smoothly combining its technology platform (TECH) with a solid physical presence (BRICK), CLIB now provides not only Cebuana Lhuillier’s unique collection of classic and new personal, health, property, group, loan, business, and liability insurance products but also almost every other type of insurance you can think of.

Also, CLIB has one of the most complete brokerages because it offers all types of Property and Casualty insurance to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses.
CLIB has more than 150 items altogether as of now.

ProtectMax: The Groundbreaking Product That’s at the Heart of CLIB

CLIB has a variety of microinsurance plans to help the many Filipinos who don’t have insurance or don’t have enough insurance. ProtectMax, its most popular insurance plan, is one of these. ProtectMax is a plan for people aged 7 to 70 that offers Death Benefits, Accident or Sickness Emergency Cash

Assistance, Accidental Dismemberment and/or Disablement Benefit, Murder and Unprovoked Assault Benefit, and Residential Fire/Lightning Reconstruction Cash Assistance for as little as PHP 50.
ProtectMax’s popularity has made Cebuana Lhuillier’s Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda stronger. It led CLIB to work with local government units and government agencies like the Insurance Commission, the Bureau of Fire Protection, and the Philippine National Police to make its Rapido (Rapid Action in a Disaster-Stricken Area Operations) and Kumustahan programs more visible.

Rapido goes to fire-damaged areas right away to process ProtectMax claims. This is something that only CLIB and no other insurance broker have tried to do.

Since its success, CLIB has introduced more creative products to serve as many people and sectors as possible.
HealthMax, an economical new healthcare insurance for Filipinos 15–65, is one example. An annual maximum benefit of PHP 150,000 for emergency care and hospitalization for inpatients and outpatients at over 282 recognized hospitals countrywide costs PHP 8 per day (PHP 3,000 annually). Without a medical evaluation, it treats viral and bacterial ailments such as bronchitis, gastritis, gastroenteritis, dengue fever, urinary tract infections (UTI), TB, rabies, and accident injuries.

CLIB introduced ProtectNow, a digital platform that makes it easier for busy people to purchase important insurance products. We provide Cebuana Health Plus, ER Care Plus, and Phone Screen Protection Insurance to safeguard against health emergencies, accidents, and phone damage.
CTPL coverage from CLIB is one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest. Motorcycle insurance costs PHP 300.40 and automobiles PHP 610.40 at nearly 3,000 Cebuana Lhuillier branches.
CLIB also introduced Cebuana Lhuillier Miners Protect, the Philippines’ sole miners-specific insurance coverage, this year.

Another unique CLIB product is CL Perform, which combines HR tech startup entomo’s digital platform with select insurance and microloans packages. CL Perform, a game-changing product bundle, improves Filipino employees’ well-being for their companies.

General manager and Group Head Anthony Lou Bernabe says: “CLIB puts clients first in everything they do. Our priority is to understand our clients’ needs and provide specialized insurance products and services. We shall continue to excel and contribute to our “kababayans.”

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