Angkas highly opposes Skyway ban on Sub400cc bikes
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Angkas highly opposes Skyway ban on Sub400cc bikes

Angkas recently cried foul over Skyway’s ban on Sub400cc bikes on Osmena Highway which started on July 22, 2019, claiming that the move is another form of discrimination and anti-poor.

In the press briefing held Wednesday in Manila, Angkas Head for Regulatory and Public Affairs George Royeca slammed the prohibition of small motorcycles on the stretch of Sales Road to Buendia is not only anti-motorcycle-rider but anti-poor as well.

Atty. Ariel Inton also gave the Skyway management five days to lift the ban otherwise the group will bring the case to the court.

The Skyway ban on Sub400cc bikes states that motorcycles with engine displacement below 400cc which are coming from the East Service Road (Taguig) can no longer use the northbound portion of the Osmena Highway starting from Sales Bridge (Pasay City). Instead of directly heading straight to the Osmena Highway via a small road connector that crosses to the PNR track, the small bikes must divert to Chino Roces Extension going to their respective destinations, either in Pasay, Makati or Manila.

The ban will clearly affect lots of commuters that rely on these critical roads. Angkas biker-partners will have to do detours into small roads that are usually jampacked with vehicles.

Here’s a portion of what George Royeca has to say about the ban.

Royeca also stressed that Osmena Highway is not a tolled road, as such, is excluded from the list of expressways where sub400 cc bikes are banned.

He also told the media that only the government can impose such kind of ban, not any private company like the Skyway O&M Corporation.

Jobert Bolanos of the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) said that the ban will benefit only moneyed individuals who can afford big bikes and four-wheeled vehicles, while displacing those that only have small, sub400 cc bikes. “This is unfair and clearly one-sided”, he added.

Ariel Lim of the Office of Senator Grace Poe said they will ask Skyway O&M on an executive session together with the stakeholders to discuss the ban of Sub400cc bikes on Osmeña Highway.

According to Medrana, there are only a handful of their 27,000 Angkas riders who have 400cc motorcycles. Therefore, Angkas biker-partners will have no choice but to do detours into roads that are usually jampacked with vehicles, forcing them to go through heavy traffic.

For now, Medrana said that Angkas riders should stay away from the banned roads.

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