AOC is brining its Commercial Display line up in the Philippines

AOC is in full swing of expanding its business in the Philippines. From the popular consumer LCD/LED Monitors, MMD (Multi Media Display Philippines), the brand owner of AOC in the Philippines is bringing its Commercial Display solution to the country.

AOC Commercial Display

To start with, AOC reported that in the first quarter of 2019, AOC is ranked #1 in the PC monitor market in the Philippines in terms of unit shipments.  Among the popular monitors, the 18.5” displays are the most sold-out products in its portfolio.

And very, very soon, AOC will be bringing in its own commercial display for the first time in the market.

aoc commercial display

AOC CD stands out with it Full HD LED Technology that gives its display crisp detail, realistic colors, incredible contrast, and brilliant brightness. IPS panels present color more accurately and deliver vivid and natural color transitions from any angle the display is viewed from.


Setting up graphics on the CD is as simple as it could get. It utilizes AOC’s Cloud Content Management System (CMS), allowing users to create, manage, and publish content from their own personal computers, updating all monitors connected to the system remotely. SmartPlayer allows plug-and-play of content from a USB device straight to the commercial display. The AOC CD also supports almost all, if not all, of the available connections, from HDMI to USB 3.0 and the traditional VGA.

AOC Commercial Display is built to perform consistently, reliable for continuous use 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. There should be no fears from outages, breakage, or overheating as the AOC CD will present vivid images and clear messaging in most public environments with consistent stability.

AOC CD is also distraction-free thanks to its very slim, 4-sided bezels. One monitor seamlessly connects to another monitor at any side, giving the most immersive viewing experience. At 3.5mm narrow bezels, they are practically invisible and unnoticeable.

The AOC CD will be available for order soon. Contact to place your order.

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