BPI Advisory on alleged massive account hacking

Updated Advisory as of 9:57AM, June 7, 2017:

BPI ADVISORY (updated):
Further to our announcement this morning, we have identified an internal system error that caused some transactions occurring between April 27 and May 2 to be double-posted as of June 6.
We have identified the root cause of this error, and are temporarily suspending access to electronic channels to speed up rectification. All BPI branches will open on time this morning, and will continue to service your needs.
We anticipate full resolution of this error within today. We wish to reassure our clients that this matter will be resolved expediently, and that none of them will lose money from this incident.

via BPI Facebook.

A friend messaged me on Facebook as early as 7AM to ask about the online trending topic about BPI.

Apparently, there are huge BPI clients experiencing trouble with their accounts.

There are reports that their BPI account had illegal withdrawals. But more specifically, this massive incident was experienced with BPI customers with payroll account.

Just an hour ago, BPI issued the statement on their Facebook account.

The same statement was also posted on their Twitter account.

Hopefully, this glitch or error is due to their internal data processing issue only, and not a massive hacking problem.

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