Call over 40M Globe and TM subscribers Unli!

Now I ask this question:

Unli ba kamo?


The quick answer is yes.

Because this is made possible by the upgraded (Globe) Tattoo Home Broadband bundle. (Which I have installed in my home office for the last 3 months now).

With Tattoo Home Broadband’s upgraded bundles, all plans now come with a free landline that lets customers call over 40 million Globe and TM mobile subscribers for free! Every household is now free from expensive landline to mobile calls and can maximize this service especially for urgent calls.

Landline calls in your area plus the over 40M Globe and TM subscribers is FREE!

I said its made possible by an upgraded Tattoo Home Broadband bundle right? Its because from the original price of P2299 per month, get the 5 Mbps connection for your home now for only P1599! Plan 1599 also comes with the broadband connection, a landline with free and unlimited calls to all Globe/TM numbers and a WiFi router.

This is the current plan I have – Plan 1,599. Up to 5Mbps Internet speed that serves me very well — I watch HD Youtube clips on my smart TV, play Spotify on my mobile devices and in my laptop, connect my tablets, and my smartphone review units.

Now, if you think Plan 1599 isn’t enough for your needs, or too much already, you can have other Tattoo Home Broadband bundles are also available starting at Plan 1099 at 2 Mbps, Plan 1299 at 3 Mbps, and Plan 2499 at 7 Mbps.

To get the Tattoo Home Broadband, simply call call (02) 730-1010, or log on to Or you can visit any Globe store near you.


  1. Hi po. Kelan po ba nag start yung bundle 1599 na 5 mbps? kasi kami 1599 dn binabayaran namin per month sa globe home broadband namin pero 3mbps lang ung speed. Sana po maka reply kayo. Thanks po.

  2. Hello Yoyo, its available na. Pero it is up to 5Mbps. Its not guaranteed… Sakin po average of 3 to 4 Mbps din, tulad nyo. Thank you.

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