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Five Things You Should Know About Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200


With all of the delectable dishes you’ve had in the last month, we’re guessing you’ve resolved to live a better lifestyle in the New Year. Don’t worry, with the Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200, you can still “commit to being fit” without giving up fried foods.

One of the latest addition to the growing Cherry ecosystem is the digital air fryer which could fit in the urban living lifestyle.

To begin, this kitchen essential features a Healthy Fry option that drastically reduces the amount of fat and oil in your food by up to 80%. That means you can continue to eat your Chicken Nuggets for breakfast or continue to eat the popular Fish and Chips. With the 360° Air Flow Technology, you won’t have to smother your bites in oil to get them crisp and golden brown. With just a swoosh of oil, you’ll get the same result.

Here are the five (5) things you should know about theCherry Digital Air Fryer AF200.

Official Pricing

Whether your objective for the New Year is to go back to being healthy or not, you can already purchase the Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200 for P7,000.

Where to buy

Cherry has got its own e-commerce site called, but if you are comfortable with the current platform you use, you are assured that this kitchen essential is there too.

BuyCherry Digital Air Fryer AF20 on Lazada now.

BuyCherry Digital Air Fryer AF20 on Shopee now.

Key Features

Healthy fry (up to 80% less fat)
360° Air FlowTechnology
Digital Easy Touch Panel
8 Cooking Presets
Digital Thermostat Temp
Non-Stick Coating Food Tray
Over-heating Protection


Weight: 7.2kg
Pan: Air Flow Racks, Drip Tray, Rotisserie Spit & Fetch Tool Skewer Sets
Power: 1800W
Voltage: 200V, 60Hz
Temperature: 70°C to 200°C
Capacity: 12Liter
Color: Black
Other: Crystal Clear Visible Window

With this in your kitchen, you’ll be able to not only lower your cholesterol intake but also cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen.

Thanks to its eight cooking preset and over-heating protection, you can just place your frozen products or viands in the tray and leave them until they’re done. Instead of hanging out in the kitchen, why not perform a quick workout in the living room? That’s one way to stay in shape while working.


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