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Everything you need to know about the Cherry Wellness Hand Massager

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CHERRY adds another category under the Cherry Home brand—Cherry Wellness. This particular range contains an array of products for the development of overall health and relaxation, initially debuting the Cherry Wellness Hand Massager.

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After a long day of work, your hands deserve some TLC, and using this device will help you unwind and relieve some of the stress.

Now, in order to alleviate tension, you do not need to go to the spa in your neighborhood because you can quickly and easily reduce the pain in your hands and take some time off in the comfort of your own house.

You can regulate the amount of pressure applied to your hands with the Cherry Wellness Hand Massager’s 3-dimensional Wave Press technology, just as if you were having a real massage—or possibly even better!

Inside of the airbag, it has been outfitted with acupoints in addition to hundreds of convex points, all in an effort to improve blood stimulation. In addition to this, it makes use of a heat compress, which is far more effective at reducing pain.

Cherry Massager Price

As the rainy season has officially started, nothing feels cozier than staying at home and resting your hands inside the Cherry Wellness Hand Massager. It retails at P2,480 SRP.

You can check out http://www.cherryshop.com.ph for more details.

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