This is the CHERRYGALO Guide: phone for as low as P2,999

This is Cherry Mobile’s Anniversary Edition which they call “Cherrygalo Guide”.

For as low as P2,999 (promo price), you can already score a phone which could be a perfect gift for your loved one.

These are the current Cherry Mobile phones which you can score for the promotional price of P2,999.

Flare S7 Power

From the original price of P3,699, today you can get it for only P2,999.

Flare S7 32GB

The current price is P2,999.

Flare S7 Max

From the original price of P3,699 is now P2,999.

Flare Y7

From P3,699 it now on sale for P2,999

Flare S7 Prime

Same with the listing above, from the original price of P3,699 it is now on sale for P2,999.

The following are the Cherry Mobile Flare series with price above P3,000.

Flare J3 Max

From P3,499 to P2,999

Flare Y6 Pro

From P4,299 to P3,499

Flare J8 Lite

The current price is P3,999

Flare Y7 Pro

The current price is P4,999


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