Concentrix PH Launches Nation’s First Dedicated Facility for Work-at-home

Concentrix Corporation (NASDAQ: CNXC), the Philippines’ largest private employer and a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology, has launched the country’s first-ever facility devoted to Work-at-Home employees: the Concentrix Community Hub in Sun City Plaza in Imus, Cavite, is the location of the first branch. Another will be held in Bulacan in September, and more will be held in other cities in 2022.

Concentrix PH
“Hoteling” – ready workstations that can be booked real-time and used immediately by Work-at-home staff during home emergencies such as loss of electricity or connectivity.

The Community Hub is the first-of-its-kind in that it is entirely for Work-at-Home (WAH) employees. It is uniquely intended to meet the crucial demands of this sort of workforce. They can stay safe and productive while receiving the same level of security, care, and engagement as those working in offices: a free 24/7 facility with guaranteed power and internet connectivity, a comfortable and safe environment following health protocols, and an assigned management team per hub responsible for daily operations and personally assisting staff, including IT. The Concentrix P2P bus, a hop-on, hop-off company-branded bus fleet that operates seven days a week solely for Concentrix employee transportation within NCR Plus, is also free (including Cavite essential stops like the Hub).

Work-at-home employees can benefit from a dedicated location outside of their house in a variety of situations. For example, a lack of home electricity or internet can impact their capacity to work. And if they live distant from a Concentrix office, finding a temporary workspace with the necessary amenities becomes difficult. With Community Hub, Work-from-Home employees may now easily access all of the above, without having to travel to a physical location. The hub contains “hoteling” stations, an open collaborative area and lounge, and a multi-purpose room that can be used as a conference, training, or engagement or CSR activity room.

Work device setup – PC with a software-based phone, headset, and security devices – is another distinctive Work-at-Home feature that Concentrix Community Hub addresses. All tangible assets can be brought to, collected from, or repaired at the Community Hub with ease. In addition, a dedicated and Concentrix-branded “Hubmobile” delivers the assets for those purposes, including new hires acquiring a WAH setup. Not only is the service safer and more convenient, but it is also free. The hub’s dedicated IT team also provides quick repair and troubleshooting assistance.

Users can pre-book any hub area or service via Concentrix One, the company’s mobile app for staff digital transactions and services, at any time before their visit to ensure hub capacity always follows to government safety requirements. Every hub area has slots, and changes are real-time, so same-day and multiple-day bookings are allowed as long as spaces are available.

Finally, with Recruitment digital kiosks in the hub’s foyer, local job seekers now have the option of submitting paperless, contactless, and secure applications (aside from other digital platforms). If necessary, a Concentrix professional recruiter might use the hub to complete a final examination of locally based applicants. This increases safety, convenience, and travel time savings.

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