Converge Microbiz: Upgrade to Fiber, Upgrade Your Business

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Small business owners who want to take advantage of the digital world has to have high-speed internet too.

The question of how you will take your business to the next level comes in.

In an all-digital era, the ability to efficiently connect, process and work online is as vital as they come. That is where a constantly reliable and consistently fast internet connection is the answer. And the answer for your small business is Converge MicroBiz.

Converge Microbiz is the premium fiber internet designed to upgrade your business. Running on pure end-to-end fiber internet, it treats small businesses with the premium service quality that it truly deserves. Plans start at P2000, up to 25Mbps with no data cap. Boost productivity never misses opportunities and enjoy the fiber internet designed to upgrade the way you run your business.

Converge MicroBiz Plans

MicroBIZ 2000 with 25 Mbps burst seed and P2000 Monthly Service Fee
MicroBIZ 3000 with 50 Mbps burst speed and P3000 Monthly Service Fee

Both have an installation fee of P2,500, a lock-in period of 24 months, and a guarantee of 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability.

Here are Exclusive MicoBIZ packages for your business:

Power Plus Package

Maximize your fiber internet with reliable and powerful Linksys Routers:

Linksys EA 6350 +P299/month
Linksys EA 7500 +P599/month

Protect Plus Package

Monitor your small business with High Definition CCTV cameras that run on Converge ICT’s pure fiber network:

FiberScope Single +P199/month
FiberScope Group +P740/month

Converge MicroBIZ is the fiber connectivity that means business. Get the internet that works for you.


Fully-accomplished application form
Proof of identity
BIR/ Certificate of Registration
Either a business permit or a DTI permit

No business is too small for connectivity this big. Boost your business with Converge Fiber Internet. Inquire about the Switcher Program and avail of the exciting advantages your business deserves.

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