Do you care about your e-mail signature?

Signature of Mahatma Gandhi c/o Wikipedia

Do you even put e-mail signature even in your personal e-mail? The image above is the literal signature of Mahatma Gandhi which like us use in signing documents.

But in this times of digital age, where e-mail is the mostly used communication tool. Do you still put signature? How important it is to you as a sender and a recipient?

Okay, as for me my signature is my brand. And to be more formal and professional, I always put my signature in my e-mail. By putting your signature makes your e-mail looks legit.

How do you make your signature then? Its simple the following are important parts of your email signature

1. Your name
2. Your position in your company (sometimes optional)
3. Your company
4. Address
5. Contact details
5.1 Telephone and fax number
5.2 Email address (optional)
5.3 Website
5.3 Logo (optional)

Use simple font as much as possible in making your signature, make it simple. Actually, this is the most important part of your email and the most overlooked part.

By putting your signature, the recipient of your email automatically knows where to contact you and what company you are representing. So next time you write an e-mail make your own signature. All e-mail clients has feature that lets you put your signature so that you don’t type it everytime you make one.


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