EPSON LightScene Projectors unveiled in the Philippines

The world leader in projector manufacturing, EPSON, has officially launched its new category of spotlight-shaped accent lighting solution in the Philippines.

Entitled “In the Spotlight: The LightScene Showcase 2019,” was held at Hilton Manila last March 26.

EPSON LightScene Projector

Epson’s LightScene projectors were showcased in a variety of environments during the event, highlighting its capability of simultaneously illuminating and projecting dynamic content on, virtually, any surface or material.

LightScene Projector

A cocktail bar, a coffee hub, a cinema display booth, and a home and living setup were some of the showcases that highlighted the versatility and innovative features of the LightScene projectors as they enabled creative displays to deliver edutainment-type of content through imagery, motion, and information.

The cocktail bar showcase demonstrated the capability of LightScene in combining interactivity with creative content. Through these projectors, real-time information about the ingredients used in making the cocktails was projected on the display table, creating a unique setup that fosters a fun experience for customers.

In the coffee hub, the LightScene projector was utilized in projecting creative visuals on the wall to entertain customers while waiting for orders. This setup can also be modified for a more interesting approach, especially that the spotlight-shaped projectors can be easily mounted and installed in different environments.

“Display Technology has the ability to delight and engage the audience in new and visually compelling ways. We hope that our LightScene Showcase helped our partners in the retail, H&B, and food industry get a glimpse of how this product innovation can help create captivating and engaging environments that make memorable experiences for their customers,” Eduardo Bonoan, marketing director of Epson Philippines, said.

The LightScene series is available in two colors–the LightScene EV-100 in white and LightScene EV-105 in black. These projectors blend in discreetly and offer an array of configuration, mounting, and programming optionsThe technology offers beautiful displays and unobtrusive visuals while providing performance, versatility, and reliability.

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