Epson's Projector brand grows 6 points; Maintains global leadership for 14 years

FutureSource Consulting, the leading research and forecasting company in consumer electronics, entertainment, and education markets, recently confirmed Epson’s 14th consecutive year of global leadership in the projector category.

In the local market, Epson’s Projector brand marked 6 percentage points to enable the brand to capture market leadership in the country, leading the industry with a commanding 31% Market Share.

“As the World’s No.1 brand in projectors, Epson pioneered a campaign to inform customers about Color Brightness — an important measurement of red, green and blue light projection measured in lumens. Prior to this, lumens only referred to white brightness. Because of our very own 3LCD technology, Epson delivers the same high level of Color Brightness and White Brightness to deliver vivid and realistic colors — unlike 1-chip projectors that deliver a color brightness of only1/3 of their white lumens. For example, 1-chip projectors with 2100 lumens usually only produce 700 lumens of color; Epson’s 3LCD projectors, on the other hand, produce 2100 white and 2100 color lumens equally,” explained Lyn Lizarondo, Epson Philippines Corporation’s (EPC) Product Manager for Projectors.

Lyn Lizarondo

The dominance in the projector market of Epson is complemented by its growing focus on high-end projector models with advanced features to meet and satisfy every customer demand. One best example is the Star Dome project in Star City, where Epson played a critical part the theme park newest attraction, featuring a 360-degrees projection using seven (7) Epson EB-Z8450WU high brightness projectors.

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