Face to face with CMPI new chief Lim Kok Hin

Just like what we shared to you on August 5, CMPI has a new chief. Barely 30 days in the Philippines, Mr. Lim, or Lim Kok Hin was in front of us yesterday.

The new big boss of Canon Philippines is Malaysian but has lived in Singapore for a long time. Lim shared that he was informed of his new assignment on June 25, and he has immediately occupied the highest chair in CMPI on July 1.
Lim Kok Hin, CMPI

The executive is reported to be the darling of the press in his previous assignment. I had the same impression during our meet up with him, he was more than willing to speak the local language and as a matter of fact he has memorized few of the common Tagalog phrases already.

Lim wants an end to end relationship with the customer. He would like to educate the buying public about Canon products. As he shared, one buys 100% of the product but only use a maximum of 20% of its features.

You might be surprised to see a person carrying a high end DSLR camera shooting in P mode all the time. He has bought a super expensive camera just to shoot on automatic mode. When in fact the purpose is for the photographer is to tell the camera what he wants to do. This is what Mr. Lim wants to do, to continuously educate the consumer. To help them maximize the features of the product they bought.

He also wants to revolutionize the working environment of (Canon Marketing Phils., Inc.) CMPI by “Doing More, and Working Less“. In CMPI, he encourage everyone to go home one hour earlier. By doing this, he is telling his people to go home and to be with their families early.

He also encourage CMPI employees to say no. One can oppose an idea, or an instruction of his or her supervisor if he thinks its not gonna work.

I guess Mr. Lim will be loved by the media, the bloggers and the consumers. He is very likeable, and just like us Pinoys, he also loves to eat.

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