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Fake Twitter followers, how to spot them

This can be enlightening to all bloggers, online media practitioners, celebrities and social media personalities, and to PR Agencies and brands.

Buy Twitter followers?

Yes, there are fake Twitter followers, like the fake NGOs created for the PDAF allocation. And, you can buy followers!

Just Google, and you will find the answer.

Today, while I was browsing my Facebook, I saw a friend, an online writer, who posted a rant about a supposed “influential” person just because this “person” has lots of Twitter followers.

Twitter followers, unlike Facebook, must really be interested in what you post that is why they follow you. For example, I follow fellow bloggers, airline companies, news organization, some tech brands, and journalists because I’m interested to know their updates. And if some of their tweets are relevant, I’d share it to my followers by re-tweeting it. That’s the logic. For some reason, I don’t follow a lot of personalities on Twitter, if I want to check their tweets I can to to their account and check unless it is a private and protected account. At least, that’s the logic for me.

Anyway, since having lots of Twitter followers looks awesome these days. You can audit somebody’s twitter account and check if they got legitimate followers or just bots, or shall we say “fake” followers bought from online companies like

Out of the post of @ruthfloresca of came out few sites to use to check wether your followers are fake or not!

But first let us try to identify “fake” Twitter followers, they are not automatically those accounts you bought online. First, these are actual people who may not be happy with Twitter and just registered once, followed your then they just decided to use Facebook for their social media engagement. Or perhaps, these are the people who forgot their Twitter password and opened a new account later and did not follow you anymore.

Fake Twitter followers on just inactive?

This report shows I have 4% fake followers! And the report suggested that the following are suspicious and fake followers indeed.

In this classic example, two or three people in the list that are known to me personally, one is my friend and the other one is my brother. You see both of them are active in Facebook, but not in Twitter. They never changed their profile picture and never tweeted in their life, hence they are considered to be fake followers, or to make it more accurate, inactive.

But there is good news. While you can go try to identify Twitter followers one by one and determine wether they are real or fake, there are online sites that can do that for you. They audit Twitter account and tell you, in your face, if that account has fake or real followers.

Audit them! – ( the free version displays the history of Twitter accounts recently audited. 🙂



Social Baker – ( –



Fakers (, similar to the first two app, it determines you fake followers but it looks more accurate since they tell you which one of those are just inactive.


Now, you can determine who bought Twitter followers just to boast it with friends or even to PR agencies and brands. Go check your account now, or your friends’ Twitter and find out if they got real followers! That will be fun!

By the way, there are also fake Facebook fans. Haha!



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