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Got Nokia S40/S60 Phone? Download these Apps now!

Got Nokia S40/S60 series phones? Download these Apps now!

Warning: These Apps for your S40/S60 series phones are FREE! 🙂 Check our top 5 Apps and install them right away!

Sure Android and iOS apps are popular these days, but that does not limit Nokia owners to enjoy similar apps in their phones too! Thanks to the developers for making versions for the S40/S60 series, the apps are downloadable from the Ovi Store. And owning a smartphone now does not only allow you to make calls and text, you get to use other features such as uploading pictures into your favorite Social media, or getting the latest news from your local TV station, and if you are regular commuter – checking the traffic fist before heading to the busy streets of the Metro is a must.

In this review we will rate Apps from 1 – 5, 1 being the highest and 5 as the lowest.

We bring you the top 5 Apps for S40/S60 series phones.

5. MMDA App

MMDA App is a must if you are a regular commuter. This gives you traffic situations in the Metro, the major streets in Manila. The apps is only 0.37 MB so it is very light.

The MMDA App gives you similar feel of the Android and iOS version, you get to see the Line View of the traffic status. System and Map views are not present but you don’t need this anyway! 🙂 Go check this out and download at once here.

MMDA App: our rating: 2

4. eGospel App

With all the bad news topping the your daily feeds everyday, this is what we need. If you wanna read real good news first, eGospel is the answer. The apps display the readings for the day.

The app is functional enough but it would have been better if it has local translations. The app development team says there is no need for internet connection required after download, but I have not tried it. eGospel is developed and licensed by Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. Download the app in this link.

eGospel App: our rating: 3

3. Facebook App

Who does not have Facebook in their phones? S40/S60 series got this App for free too. There is no need to launch your phone’s browser in order to update FB stats, take and share photos, or access FB Pages you manage. And if the current font size is not suited for your viewing pleasure you can change it via the Settings menu.

All the other activities you do in Facebook are all present, so you better download it now and start stalking your friends! :D. Here’s the link.

Facebook App: our rating: 2

2. Yahoo! Messenger App

You can’t deny it, even with Facebook and Twitter around, most of us have retained our contact list and friends in Yahoo! Messenger.

If you have Nokia phone, you can also download this free app and you easily get re-connected with your YM friends. Messenger on the fly! Continue chatting with your friends ater you close your desktop or laptop from your office. If you have need to reply to a current conversations you only press R or no. 7. The apps is right here, go download it!

Yahoo! Messenger App: our rating: 3

1. iTyphoon App

We live in a tropical country where hundreds of typhoons visit us yearly. Recently, there are even two typhoons that hit the PAR at the same time, there is one that made a U-turn. If your job involves travelling locally, this apps will help you monitor typhoons. With the app installed in your phone, it displays current and incoming typhoon and forecast, also a track map is available for viewing. A highly recommended app that should come with the MMDA app. Hats off to the developers of this app, you would never think they will make one for the S40/S60 series.

Download the apps here.

iTyphoon App: our rating: 1

There you go, our top 5 Apps for S40/S60 series Nokia phones. These are apps on the fly, useful ones, productive apps you can use daily. The size of the apps are manageable and most of all FREE.


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