Immersive Virtual Tours made possible by Microsoft and HomeSpace360

Immersive Virtual Tours made possible by Microsoft and HomeSpace360

AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, machine learning, digital technologies — these are the current trend who are shaping today’s world.

Microsoft for its part makes sure that its partners are equipped to drive innovation in this age of digital transformation. That’s why Microsoft and HomeSpace360 have put up a savvy tool for the real estate brokers.

They created an all-in-one mobile app for creating high-quality 8K 2D and 3D photographic and video VR experiences directly on a smartphone.

Together with the HomeSpace360 Cloud, they offer an end-to-end automated system for property marketers with a solution for quickly and inexpensively capturing, distributing, and visualizing properties in 2D and 3D on the web, mobile and in VR. It is a low-cost alternative to a 3D camera for providing immersive virtual tours.

HomeSpace360 is a platform that allows real estate marketers to deliver gorgeous, immersive 360-degree virtual tours to prospective buyers and renters at scale, using both smartphones and virtual reality headsets.

For real estate brokers and agents, to avail this service, you need to subscribe to HomeSpace360.

A kit provides realtors everything they need to create and share high quality 360 virtual tours immediately. A HomeSpace360 kit includes: a (1) Mobile VR viewer, (2) battery-free smartphone rotator, (3) lightweight tripod with carrying bag, and a (4) HD fisheye lens for 3D capture.

Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, HomeSpace360 is redefining how people view and acquire properties in today’s digital age.

The Homespace360 mobile app is available for download on your Android or iOS devices now.

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