How to extend S3's battery life to 2 days

If you are new to Android phone like me who switched from Blackberry two months ago, you are probably frustrated now with your smartphone’s battery life. Usually, a droid battery life with 3G on, Wi-fi and casual use of camera will last you about four hours, you will be very lucky if you extend it to five hours.

Like I said, I am technically new to Android – the Samsung Galaxy S3 is my first official personal android phone. Unlike the Blackberry 9700 with 3G always on, which is useful for corporate push email. Android requires some tweaking to prolong its battery life.

In my few weeks of using the Galaxy S3, I managed to learn how to save battery life and two days ago, I was surprised that I reached almost two days with the phone still alive.

Here is how I managed to prolong S3’s battery life to almost 2 days.

1. Turn off unnecessary features. If you don’t need Bluetooth, turn it off. It only sucks your battery life when turned on but actually not using it. Turn off Mobile data – use this when you are away from your office. Your workplace is most likely is equipped with Wi-Fi. Once you hit your table, turn it off and use your office’s laptop for internet use. You don’t need to Sync everytime right? So turn that off too. In short, disable all features that you do not use like GPS and Wi-Fi.

Do not turn off Notifications, or you will not hear if you received SMS.

2. Adjust screen brightness. Adjust backlight to be less bright. Test your eyes, adjust it to the most dim but do not compromise your eyesight. To to that go to Settings –> Display –> Brightness then adjust to your best settings.

3. Do not use animated wall papers

4. Use the task manager to kill running apps in the background

5. Disable or better yet, remove apps that you aren’t using. Make a quick inventory and you will find out most of the apps you installed are actually useless or you do not utilize at all.

6. Do a la carte in using apps and features. Turn it on when you just need it, switch it off again after use.

7. Stay indoors. Of course your office is air conditioned; stay there with your phone. Hot environment has effects on your battery life. So don’t put your phone near heating equipment like your PC and lamps. But do not put it your fridge!

8. Use camera without the flash. Flash photography requires much power and since phone’s flash is built-in, it drains your battery faster.

9. Make your phone sleep. Set it so that when the phone becomes idle, it turns into standby mode.

10. Turn on Power Saver mode. Most phone has power saver feature now, it adjust automatically to that setting. And, finally, stop playing around with your phone. The more you play the more it utilizes your battery.

I was amazed when my Galaxy S3 lasted for almost two days by experimenting to just turn on features that I need. The battery lasted that long but it does not mean that I did not use it anymore. I had regular short phone calls, sent several SMS, accessed Facebook and Twitter but did not over stay.

There are other many ways to prolong your phone’s battery life. That all depends on how you use it. Phone manufacturers has no solution yet to this issue. So while we are waiting for this development, let us make our own way how to preserve and prolong our phone’s battery life. Use it only for important functions.


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  1. Great tips, Mr. Spidey! Two days for your S3 is an impressive feat. 🙂 I do al of these tips except for using live wallpapers.hehe I love live wallpapers. And I didn’t know that hot environments can affect the battery life.

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