How to find your 2013 Polling Precinct #eleksyon2013 #halalan2013

It’s Election time again in the Philippines and as of this posting it is 106 days more to go before we do the midterm elections in the country where we will elect new sets of Senators, Congressmen, and local officials.

Common problems that arises every election will sure come out again – voting in the PCOS machine, precinct that can’t be located, COMELEC ID (mine has not be delivered since I move and registered to Makati in 2006), and a lot more.

Since Comelec released a resolution affecting online people such as bloggers and the social media users, we thought of writing an article that will help voters find their election precinct.

Precinct Finder Philippines

To find your Election Precinct, you need to access the Comelec website. We suggest that you do it now before nearing the Election time in May, because web traffic will surely slow down the website then. The Comelec website is –

There is a link in the left side bar of the Comelec website that leads to the Precinct Finder page, or you can go and click this link. You will need to input some basic information about you . You can also find the precinct number of your relatives and friends, there is no restriction to that, but you should now their data too.

What you need to input.

You need to input your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name in the fields given, then the date of your birth should be needed too. It is easy to fill up the DOB field, since it is a drop down menu.

After accomplishing the basic data needed, click Search and it will give you details you need. Basically, your precinct number and other details such as your registration date, your province and city or municipality, your registration status, and the status of your ID printing.

Comelec has also added a nice feature that locates the location of your polling center. You can click the “See Map” link and  it will show you the location map of your polling precinct.

Polling Precinct


There you go, short and quick procedure in finding your precinct. Like we said, we highly suggest that you start doing it now before the government website gets down and busy during the election.

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  1. good day sis/mam,
    nagpa-transfer po ako last feb 14 2012 dito sa makati,,ng mag-try ako mag-search sa comelec precicnt finder di raw makita sa data base na nka-registered ako…
    heto ang full name ko:
    JANUARY 26,1988

    thanks po!

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