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How to Recover Your GCash Account

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GCash is a popular mobile wallet app in the Philippines that allows users to make transactions such as sending money, buying prepaid load, paying bills, and more.

However, there may be instances where users lose access to their GCash account due to reasons such as losing their SIM card or forgetting their MPIN.

A popular experience is when your smartphone is stolen. Or in some cases you want to change your mobile number.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to recover a GCash account.

Recovering GCash Account for Lost or Damaged SIM Card

If you’ve lost or damaged your SIM card, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare an Affidavit of Loss: This should include your details and a valid government issued ID (example: Driver’s license or passport)
  2. Visit Your Network Provider’s Business Center: Bring your affidavit of loss, ID, and SIM card (if available) to your network provider’s business center. Request a SIM replacement.
  3. Pay for the New SIM Card: There will be a fee for the new SIM card. Wait for it to be activated.
  4. Access Your GCash Account: Once your new SIM card is activated, you can access your GCash account using the new SIM card and the OTP sent to your registered number.

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Recovering GCash Account Using a New Number

Just in case your current number is already too familiar to your contacts, you get unlimited unsolicited SMS. This maybe the best reason you want to recover your GCash account using a new number.

If you want to recover your GCash account using a new number, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Your New Mobile Number: On your GCash app, enter your new mobile number and tap ‘Next’.
  2. Enter the 6-Digit Authentication Code: You will receive a 6-digit authentication code on your new number. Enter this code and tap ‘Submit’.
  3. Select ‘Recover Account’: This option will allow you to recover your account using your new number.
  4. Identify Your GCash Account Type: Read through the steps for your specific account type and tap ‘Accept’.
  5. Fill in the Required Fields: Provide the necessary information and select ‘Confirm’.
  6. Enter Your Old Account Information: Input the information you used for your old account and tap ‘Next’.
  7. Take a Selfie Scan: This is for verification purposes. After this step, you will be led to a page confirming your updated GCash number.

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Recovering your GCash account is a simple procedure, whether you have misplaced your SIM card or wish to switch to a new number. There is no need to panic, just follow the steps we listed above.

By following these instructions, you can regain access to your account and continue enjoying the convenience of GCash services.

But a word of caution:

Please be aware that the recovery process may vary slightly depending on your network provider and the specific circumstances surrounding the loss of your account.

If you encounter any difficulties during the recovery process, do not hesitate to contact GCash’s customer service for further assistance.

Remember, it is crucial to keep your GCash account secure in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Make sure to regularly update your account information and refrain from sharing your MPIN with others.

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