IBM Tops US Patent List for 19th Consecutive Year

IBM announced recently that it set a new U.S. patent record in 2011, marking the 19th consecutive year that the company has led the annual list of patent recipients. IBM inventors earned a record 6,180 U.S. patents in 2011, exceeding the combined issuances of Apple, Amazon, Google, and its top competitors.

More than 8,000 IBMers residing in 46 different U.S. states and 36 countries are responsible for the company’s record-breaking 2011 patent tally. IBM inventors who reside outside the U.S. collaborated on more than 26% of the company’s patents in 2011, which marks a 48% increase over international inventor contributions during the last four years.

2011 U.S. Patent Leaders

8Seiko Epson
9Hon Hai

Data provided by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

“IBM’s commitment to invention and scientific exploration is unmatched in any industry and the fruits of this dedication to enable innovation is evidenced in our nearly two decades of U.S. patent leadership,” said Lope Doromal Jr., Chief Technologist, IBM Philippines. “The inventions we patent each year delivers significant value to IBM, our clients and partners across the globe and demonstrates a measurable return on our approximately $6 billion annual investment in research and development.”

The more than 6,000 patents IBMers received in 2011 represent a range of inventions that enable new innovations and add significant value to the company’s products, services, including smarter solutions for retail, banking, healthcare, transportation and other industries. These patented inventions also span a wide range of computing technologies poised to support a new generation of more cognitive, intelligent and insight-driven systems, processes and infrastructures for smarter commerce, shopping, medicine, transportation, and more.

IBM’s record-breaking 2011 patent output features many interesting and important inventions, such as:
·        U.S. Patent #8,005,773: System and method for cortical simulation – This patented invention describes a method for developing a computerized brain simulation system that can mimic the cognitive systems and function of the cortex of the brain. Patent #8,005,773 was issued to IBM inventors Rajagopal Ananthanarayanan and Dharmendra Modha.
·        U.S. Patent #8,078,492: Providing consumers with incentives for healthy eating habits – This invention describes a method, system, and program that uses data analytics to provide electronic incentives for healthy food consumption. Patent #8,078,492 was issued to IBM inventors Michael Brown, Rabindranath Dutta;, Michael Paolini and Newton J. Smith.
·        U.S. Patent #8,019,992: Method for granting user privileges in electronic commerce security domains – This patented invention helps IBM WebSphere Commerce software customers to reduce administration and resource costs by providing common security and authentication across multiple online stores, enabling customers to remain logged in when shopping on multiple online stores administered by the same company. Patent #8,019.992 was issued to IBM inventors Victor Chan, Darshanand  Khusial, Lev Mirlas and Wesley Philip.
·        U.S. Patent #8,031,595: Future location determination using social networks – This patented invention describes a technique that can predict where an individual is heading based on the location of peers within a social network, and then use that information for multiple productive purposes.  For example, if social network peers often spend time at a particular coffee shop and one of the peers is already at that coffee shop, while a second peer is heading in the direction of the same location, then the system will identify the coffee shop as potential or probable future destination. The system can then notify the peers of their proximity or near-term connection, place an advance order at the coffee shop so it is ready upon arrival, and preemptively cache frequently accessed data used at that location. Patent #8,031,095 was issued to IBM inventors Rick Hamilton, Neil Katz, Brian O’Connell and Keith Walker.

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