Online Music Store in the Philippines – now live! is now open for business. Attended by local artists yesterday, MyMusicStore which is an online music store officially launched its website. Filipino artists like Bamboo, Ely Buendia, Richard Poon and Gary Valenciano were there to grace and support the event.

MyMusicStore offers very affordable music in form of MP3 file format which you can download for as low as P20.00, yes for less than a dollar you can now start listening to your favorite music and you can boast that what you have in your playlist is not illegal.

The most budget friendly song is available for P20 and the higher end is P35. If you are a follower of an band of individual singer like Richard Poon or Gary V, you can download their entire album. The lower-priced songs are those local songs while the higher priced are foreign.

It is very easy to purchase, there are three different ways, and yes if you dont like to pay via credit card you have other options. A cellphone load can buy you an original song from the store. There are three ways; one is via mobile payment via Smart load, another is via Paypal and finally your friendly credit card. They also mentioned that it will be available in iTunes, so for your guys who has iDevices you have to download it first in your PC and sync later. Android app is also coming up in a couple of months.

Currently they got about 160k songs available for sale and more than 10 local labels that includes Alpha Music, EMI, GMA Records, MCA Music, Star Records and many more.

I was told that when you buy and download the purchased song within 24 hours. So, in case you accidentally deleted the your downloaded mp3 file, you have the whole day to come back and download it again.

And of course, who else is not yet on Facebook and Twitter? MyMusicStore has already more than 10k fans since they launched their page last week. Check their Facebook page here and follow them on twitter – @mymusicstoreph is managed by MobileCash Inc. and Rising Tide Mobile Entertainment Inc. Together, they teamed up to create the biggest online digital music store in the Philippines, focusing on making music affordable and accessible, and delivering quality service to music lovers everywhere.

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