Kase Lens PH launches Kase Anamorphic Lens for Smartphones

Kase Lens PH, the first-ever smartphone lens brand for the smartphone to become available in the country has launched its latest lens – the Kase Anamorphic Lens.

The Anamorphic Lens is just one of the many lenses offered by Kase Lens PH, but this specific lens will level up your mobile filmmaking without breaking the bank.

Mark Tristan Cua, the PH distributor of Kase Lenses explains that creating a movie with flares and all will be made easier using this lens. The beauty of using this lens is that you can use your current phone to record video and obtain a movie-like video.

To give you an idea, here’s what the Anamorphic Lens can do for you.

Source: Kase Website

As we said, you can use your existing smartphone to create a movie-like video with this lens.

Here’s how the lens looks like in the real world.

Mark Tristan Cua at the launch of Anamorphic Lens

Anamorphic Lens Price & Availability

Kase Anamorphic lens is now available via Urban Gadgets. Official pricing is P5,990.

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