Kimstore's Top 10 Gadgets for the 1st Half of 2014


Last month, we published the top 10 most sold gadgets at Widget City, let us see if the same items were also the top-selling gadgets on their rival online store Kimstore.

Here are the 10 top-selling gadgets at Kimstore in the first half of 2014.

While Sony smartphones seem to be the most-ordered gadget at Kimstore, Samsung made it to the top. The next most-sold gadget are Apple products and the next is the GoPro. Notice that all of them are international brand.

  • (10) Sony Xperia SP – This LTE phone captured the hearts of high-definition entertainment lovers nationwide!
  • (9) Sony Xperia V – Water-resistant and LTE combination of the Xperia V tagged below Php 15,000 sealed the deal for many.
  • (8) Sony Xperia Z – The phone that started the rise of the Z series for Sony remains a bestseller up to today.
  • (7) Apple iPhone 5S – Apple’s prized gem holds strong in the bestseller’s list with its premium built, great camera and a robust apps ecosystem.
  • (6) Apple iPad Mini 1 – The classic iPad Mini, Apple’s first mini tablet, is a favorite among Filipino techies!
  • (5) GoPro Hero 3+ – GoPro became the action adventure camera of choice this year, skyrocketing to 5th place in the bestsellers list for the 1st half of 2014.
  • (4) Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – The best option for those who want Xperia Z1 level of specs, at a friendlier price.
  • (3) Sony Xperia Z1 – The first follow-up to the successful Xperia Z proved to be a hit, converting more people into Sony fans overnight.
  • (2) Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s flagship phone of 2013 proved to be the phone of choice of many Filipinos, no doubt!
  • (1) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 2013’s best phablet climbs to the number 1 spot with its power-packed features and affordable price tag only at Kimstore!

For more details about Kimstore, visit their website at Or check out  their Facebook page here –

We will have two more top 10 series, one is directly from the brand and another from online store selling everything from clothes to gadgets.


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